Prepare Your Business Before Disaster Strikes.

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Your IT Recovery Checklist

Many organizations that experience a significant loss of data never fully recover and go out of business shortly thereafter. Lost or destroyed files and network failures can paralyze your operations. That’s why having a reliable backup solution that’s proven, and that you can recover from, is essential.
Before disaster strikes:
Team up with an IT expert. Managing, storing and restoring data requires specific resources and expertise. A trusted IT partner can offer this along with products, services, and facilities to protect your data.

  • Account for your high-value data assets.
  • Ensure sensitive data is properly encrypted.
  • Make sure critical applications are always accessible.
  • Do you have a reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution in place?
  • Is it regularly tested?
  • Do you have an offsite backup solution? (Store data in a secure cloud.)
  • Can you and your employees work remotely if necessary?
  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis to determine the potential effects of an interruption to your critical business operations
  • Define what an acceptable recovery time is.
  • Can you get back up and running within this timeframe?
  • Regularly evaluate your preparedness program.
  • Develop a contact list for employees, vendors, and customers, and determine the best way to communicate.

Steps to take after a disaster:
Contact your IT expert to:

  • Determine what critical systems may have been affected.
  • Find out if the issue is confined to one workstation or more?
  • Ascertain if your server and network were affected?
  • Verify that all your files are intact, or some have been lost or deleted?
  • Ensure no additional data was written to the drive after files were lost.
  • Prioritize your recovery goals and tasks.
  • Establish a comprehensive plan for recovery.
    • Should you try to recover your data before restoring your system?
    • What backup date and time should you use to recover from?
  • Help to get and keep your lines of communication open.

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