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Buffalo Snow Storms & Business Continuity (Problems/Solutions)

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What Do You Need When Snowed In To Keep Your Western New York Business Up & Running?

Business Continuity Solution

In the past, devastating ice and snowstorms kept businesses in Buffalo closed for days. This often resulted in lost revenue, work that piled up as high as snowdrifts, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers. But, today with a Business Continuity Solution, the ability to store your data and IT assets securely in the Cloud, and access to the Internet, you and your staff can keep working productively from the comfort of your homes.

What Is Business Continuity?

You often hear about business continuity and disaster recovery services (BDRs). This is where your IT provider ensures that no matter the disaster–a natural one like a storm, a manmade one like an accidental data deletion or ransomware attack, or even a power outage–you can always keep on working.
The right Business Continuity Solution ensures that no matter the issue, you can work from wherever you are. And when a severe winter storm snows you in at home, you can still access critical IT resources to keep your business running. This is what business continuity is all about.

What Will A Business Continuity Solution Provide?

Consultation Services So You’ll Be Prepared
Your IT Service Provider will work with you to conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). A BIA predicts what could happen when your business functions are disrupted. It identifies and documents potential loss scenarios and a risk assessment to determine what the impact will be on your business when a disruption occurs. Your team is then provided with clear and concise policies and procedures to employ so your business can continue to operate and run smoothly.
A Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR) So You’ll Be Confident That You Can Recover Your Data
A plan for the backup and restoration of your data is essential. A good Business Continuity Solution starts with a BDR — Successful backups are the backbone of business continuity.
Your IT service company will evaluate your current backup and recovery procedures and provide you with a detailed report of their findings. The next step is to ensure that your data is backed up to a secure offsite data center each day and that your backups are tested to make sure they are always recoverable from a recent point in time.
Regular monitoring and testing of your backup process documents gaps and errors and remediates them to prevent the possibility of failed backups that keep you from staying operational. It guarantees that you will always have access to your data.
Taking your backup one step further, your IT service company will show you how to leverage the full power of the Cloud so your staff can continue working from anywhere they can access the Internet.
Other options to include in your BDR Plan to ensure business continuity might be to use:

  • A Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone system to communicate when phone lines are down.
  • An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmits data including orders and payments from one company to another.
  • Approved laptops and wireless devices to create, process, manage and communicate information electronically.

IT Security Services So Your Employees Can Access Data Remotely Without Worries
This should be an ever-constant consideration and always part of any Business Continuity Solution. Your team must be able to access your data and IT systems securely without worries about unauthorized intrusions or leaked data transmissions. This means ensuring that the devices they use at home are secure and free of viruses and malware.
Employees who use their own devices should be required to use security solutions that can encrypt the data contained in their devices. And, you should ensure they also use full-disk encryption so even if a device containing your business data is lost or stolen, it’s unreadable to everyone except those who have access to the decryption tools.
Your IT provider can also implement a Mobile Device Management solution for the mobile devices used for business purposes. If a device falls into the wrong hands, your business data can be wiped from it.

Peace Of Mind That Your Business In Western NY Will Continue Operating When You Can’t Get Into The Office

A Business Continuity Solution will provide business continuity best practices, make backups more reliable and give you confidence that you and your staff can always securely access your critical data and continue working from home even when you’re all snowed in.
Contact the team at Buffalo Computer Help. We can answer your questions about Business Continuity.
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