Who Is Your Buffalo Computer Support Company Hiring?

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IT support and security for your business are one of the most important aspects of your back office. Your customers expect quick, safe and accurate service when they are on your website, platforms or using your systems. The customer experience hinges on IT support that they typically don’t even come into contact with. So, choosing the right IT department and staff to support your company is crucial for improving your customer relationships and retention rates. Many small businesses in Buffalo are choosing to boost their tech support by outsourcing supplemental IT services.
When you are looking at a new IT company, you want to make sure you pick one you can trust to watch your servers, deliver results and respond quickly if you need help. A great IT company is going to be one that will have you backed up, crossing every “t” and dotting every “i.” Who your company hires is going to dramatically impact the quality and speed of service you receive. Here are three important questions you should ask an IT and computer support company before trusting them with your tech.

How Many IT Techs are Qualified and Working?

One man shows might feel intimate and local, but there is a propensity for your needs to slip between the cracks during the one-man juggling act. You want a company that can handle your emergency—even if it comes in the middle of the night or during a busy time. You want to know that the company’s typical level of service isn’t hinging on one person being healthy, well-rested and prepared. Who covers the accounts if that one person needs to take a vacation or leave?
When you hire an IT company, choose one that has at least a few qualified individuals. Even if a company has two qualified techs, you have to consider what will happen if one leaves the company. You can’t shift your IT support around quickly if something happens, so it is best to choose a company that has a number of staff you can trust with your account. You will also want to know what contingency plans are in place in case one of the technicians does leave (especially if it is the one primarily handling your account).
Not only will the number of staff impact the number of bases the IT company can cover, it will also indicate how many solutions or products they can offer. The knowledge base is going to increase with the growth of the IT company. The solutions that are considered and the experience increases with the number of qualified engineers that are sitting at the table.

Who Will Handle Your Account?

Don’t get surprised by a bait-and-switch when you are hiring a new IT services company. The person you talk to during the initial meet and consultation isn’t necessarily the tech that will be handling your needs. Pinpoint who is going to handle most of your questions and problems. What if the question is a very small one? Who is going to be watching your network and account to ensure you are getting the best support and security for your business?
Don’t let the tech company beat around the bush—the answer of the primary technician shouldn’t be a difficult one. You will also want to know what the plan is if that person leaves the company. Knowing what to expect will help you avoid any assumptions that could lead to frustration and surprise. Having a dedicated engineer doesn’t mean you will never deal with another person in the company, but it does mean you should be able to count on that tech handing the majority of your account.
This is one reason you may not want to go with the biggest IT company you can find. You don’t want faceless service or a company that isn’t in tune with your needs. However, a company that provides a solely dedicated tech may also indicate they simply don’t have a selection of experienced IT staff. A good company will likely have a dedicated account manager with other engineers working on specific parts of your account as they are most qualified.

How Experienced are the IT Staff?

Some IT companies may have dozens of technicians, but all of them fresh out of college. You need a company that has experience and is still staying current with the industry. Look for a company that has been operating successfully and locally for years. Choose a Buffalo computer support company that has certified engineers. Also, find out who answers the calls. When you have a problem, will you talk directly to a tech or talk to a call center that passes your concern on to the next tier of support? Frustration is all you will experience with a company that has an unqualified call center or secretary screening your calls. You want a company that offers certified engineers who can start working on your problem as soon as you call.
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