Developing A Business Case For Adopting Managed IT Services

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How Can Your Business Benefit From Adopting Managed IT Services?

In the 21st century, the demand for technology is radically changing the business world. The push to develop better IT solutions for every industry has been almost overwhelming. Managed IT services are leading the way in this field. That’s their primary job. Your job may be running a small retail store or a mid-sized manufacturing company. Do you have the expertise and training to find the best technology to help employees get their work done each day? For most business owners, the answer is no.
So how do you go about changing that? Can you really get new technology that helps you achieve your business goals on your current budget?
Managed IT services can solve many of those challenges. However, since each company is different, it can be difficult to predict the benefits that a company will get without having a deeper understanding of the individual organization.

Example 1: Improving Cyber Security

Could your small business become a target for cyber thieves? The definitive answer is “Yes.” It’s not just big businesses that are targets – cybercriminals look for small businesses too, knowing that they probably have fewer IT security resources in place than large corporations.
Large corporations spend hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars on cybersecurity. But many small business owners aren’t spending enough or paying attention to these threats. Hackers know this, so they’re automatically drawn to these companies because they’re an easy target.
Let’s face it! Hackers are basically lazy. Otherwise, they’d be doing some type of honest job each day instead of stealing from hard-working people.
Many businesses don’t even detect a breach for months. Data breaches are likely to continue. In the meantime, you should take action to prevent your business from financial or reputational damage. A great managed service provider can recommend, install and/or set up a strong layered security perimeter around your IT infrastructure. Signing up for a Dark Web Monitoring Service is one way you can do this. MSP’s have lots of solutions like this for cyber security issues.
A managed IT service provider can come out and train your employees so that they will not become victims of phishing emails. These are just a few of the ways that your MSP can help.

Example 2: Cost Management

In the every industry, cost management seems to be a huge issue. While the use of information technology enables your business to deliver more personalized services, the budget is always a factor. It’s more important than ever before to leverage the best IT services and support at the right price, in order to keep costs under control.
In the long run, technology investments are important to your company’s growth. They may even be a larger factor than staff expansion. Because if you don’t have the right tools, your employees will struggle to get their work done. Your customer service may suffer. This is an ongoing battle for many business owners. They do really want to take advantage of the latest technology, but they just can’t afford it.
With managed IT services, all that changes. You can get experienced personnel who will recommend the right apps, hardware and software. They’ll help you make those business-changing decisions because they want your company to succeed. As your business grows, so does theirs.

Example 3: Special IT Projects

Your in-house IT staff may be overwhelmed trying to keep up with the daily activities. There are lots of tasks each day that must be completed. Your IT department probably stays preoccupied with maintaining your IT resources, updating programs and resolving problems employees have with their computers.
When you get a big IT project that needs to be completed, can your IT people handle this in addition to their others jobs? In most cases, something somewhere doesn’t get done in a timely manner, whether it’s the special project or the day-to-day chores. Having a great working relationship with a managed service provider gives you the ability to get everything done on time and correctly. This eliminates stress and makes each day go smoother. You’ve already got enough on your plate if you’re a business owner. You certainly don’t need one more thing.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line for many businesses is that they need experienced IT people that can come quickly and help out with whatever IT challenges they’re facing at the moment. And when you have a good working relationship with a managed IT service company, you’ll have the professional help you need. It’s just a phone call away. If you’re serious about moving your business to the next level, this is a good way to get it done.


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