Why Businesses In Buffalo and Niagara Falls Metro Areas Should Be Using Cloud Hosting Services (Info/Benefits)

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Cloud Hosting Is A Game Changer

Providing your organization with the space to scale can be a challenge, which is one of the reasons that so many businesses are moving to cloud hosting. Plus, cloud hosting can put your small or mid-sized business (SMB) on an even playing field with your largest competitors. Here’s how cloud hosting can benefit your business.

What Are The Various Types of Cloud Hosting Services?

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for cloud hosting. Some businesses prefer to have a private cloud on their location or remotely, while others find that a public or hybrid cloud option works well. It all depends on the processing and data storage needs of your business. Here’s a quick overview of the cloud hosting services you can benefit from:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Hosted Applications
  • Cloud-Based Services & Support
  • Active Monitoring and Alerts
  • Secure Cloud-Based Backups
  • Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Benefits That You Can Gain If You Use Cloud Hosting

Secure Backups
One of the key benefits of cloud hosting is the peace of mind knowing that all of your organization’s data and applications are backed up offsite and can be quickly accessed when you need them. Whether the emergency is a fire or flood, or a cybercriminal was able to infiltrate your business systems, you can rest assured that cloud hosting provides you with the certified backups that allow your business to keep running efficiently. Companies that experience a significant loss in data or access to their business systems for an extended period of time are never able to recover, making a proactive cloud-hosted backup and monitoring process a crucial aspect of your security posture.
Enhanced Productivity
You won’t have to worry that your servers will crash and that you’ll be without your critical IT assets. Cloud computing companies can keep your business up and IT available. This means a huge upturn in productivity because your staff won’t be idle doing nothing. Your data is automatically saved, and you’ll have a team of IT professionals whose sole job is keeping your IT infrastructure online. They’ll know if there are any issues and will usually deal with them before you know anything is amiss. No more panicked calls to your outsourced IT service when the network goes down – your cloud computing host is on the problem within seconds of it happening.
Reduced Costs
The power of cloud hosting means no more costly upfront purchases or capital expenses. You are essentially leasing your solutions. This means you can write them off as a business expense rather than depreciating them. And limited storage is no longer a concern because everything is hosted in offsite, redundant, highly secure data centers. Plus, without onsite physical data storage, your company’s IT space requirements shrink as well. This means you can operate a lean and smaller office environment with fewer square-footage requirements.
It’s difficult to estimate the exact size your business will be in six months much less than two years. When you are hosting your own servers and data, you need to plan ahead in order to scale up smoothly. And, providing your organization with the space to scale can be a challenge unless you use cloud hosting.
Not with cloud hosting. It gives you the option to scale your computing solutions up or down quickly. You can seamlessly make a transition to a larger or smaller business model without the effort and time this would take otherwise. This also means you can meet your customers’ increasing demands without the increased overhead and difficulty to spin up resources. Your cloud provider can expand your processing power, available memory, or software needs with the press of a button. Your customers will be happy, and your business will grow.
Plus, With Hosted Cloud Solutions You Can:

  • Have secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and resources so you and your authorized staff can use your practice management and other solutions when you’re out of the office.
  • Reduce the total deployment time of rolling out new applications.
  • Never have to worry about management or maintenance: Your cloud is always being monitored for security risks, for efficiency and all types of issues that can crop up out of nowhere.
  • Ensure Business Continuity –a natural or manmade disaster won’t shut your business down.
  • Increased collaboration your employees can work as a team remotely on projects and documents.
  • Secure Critical Files: Don’t be the victim of ransomware or a malware virus. You’ll have layered security via the Cloud to safely store and protect all your data.
  • Improved Communication: Stay in touch with your teams no matter where they go.
  • Increased Compliance: The Cloud greatly simplifies compliance issues.
  • Benefit from Flexible Pricing: All facets of your organization’s technology infrastructure can be addressed for a single monthly fee. You can take advantage of bundled packages that include anything and everything from your phone system, cabling, data network, help desk, wireless and other IT infrastructure needs.
  • Have ready access to the latest software: In a cloud environment, community-driven APIs are often available for automatic scaling, provisioning and management. In a dedicated environment, you may have to wait for vendor-driven development.

With Cloud Hosting from Buffalo Computer Help, you can trust that your business platforms and data are fully secure. Our technology professionals will work closely with you to understand your organizational requirements and make the best recommendation based on your unique needs. Let us help you safeguard your business and your long-term profitability with cloud hosting.
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