Why You Need A Buffalo Computer Company Focused on Data Backup

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One of the most valuable assets owned by businesses is their information. In many cases, this data—which underpins every aspect of operation—is irreplaceable or would take hours of unnecessary labor to retrieve or recreate.
Most individuals have suffered the frustration of having a computer system unexpectedly shutdown or freeze midway through working on a project, consequently losing the meticulous work on which they labored for hours. Unfortunately for companies, that experience can take place on a broader scale, impacting departments and projects business-wide. The good news is this issue can be combated with a simple solution: backing up data.

What are the risks of not backing up data?

Whether through human error or system failure, organizations across all industries face the potential risk of losing valuable data. This can happen by negligence or accident, as neither humans nor machines are flawless.
You may be able to find, research, or re-acquire the data that is lost, but it takes time, and time is money. No business wants to spend precious manpower recreating a project, compiling customer data, or redoing any task that already was accomplished. In some cases, certain information once lost is lost forever.
Additionally, outside actors can potentially hack into your information systems and steal or corrupt data through cyberattacks and malware, such as ransomware, viruses, and worms. When these events occur, your company suffers financially.
Part of your business continuity planning should address how your company will recover if or when emergencies happen. That’s where reliable backups come in. When you have a copy, or several copies, of critical business information, you can power through the accidental loss of data or a malicious cyberattack and quickly pick up where you left off without losing costly time, labor, and productivity.

How can IT companies assist with backup?

External IT service providers play an important role in preparing your company to weather any disaster and maintain business continuity. They can help address the vital elements of the backup process.
For instance, many people are aware backing up data is important in case of loss or theft, but they do not take adequate measures to formalize their process of backing up information. As Aaron Fox, the CEO of Buffalo Computer Help, points out in his Tech Tip video, organizations should put together policies regarding how they backup data, what data needs to be backed up, and who should have access to the data once it is backed up.
“These are really important policies to develop and make sure you follow,” Fox states.
IT service providers can help organizations establish those policies, which should include:

  • backing up data to at least one if not multiple sources, such as an internal hard drive and/or external cloud source;
  • setting backups to occur automatically so you don’t have to worry about someone forgetting to press a button; and
  • encrypting data to add another layer of security that ensures it is not stolen during transit.

Equally important is regularly testing backups to guarantee they are happening correctly and the information is being adequately preserved and protected.

Finding a Buffalo computer company to handle data backup

Industry leading IT companies understand how heavily your organization relies on technology functioning properly, which is why they put an emphasis on regularly backing up your systems, including files, applications, and settings. When a disaster strikes, your Buffalo computer company will step in to help you quickly and efficiently recover lost or corrupted data.
Buffalo Computer Help, which provides IT support and services to local businesses throughout Western New York, adds extra protection by saving backups via secure data centers in Boston and Los Angeles. In this way, your information is protected even if your company’s onsite equipment is damaged.
Take a step toward protecting your company and preparing reliable backups that can be quickly accessed when necessary, contact Buffalo Computer Help online or by calling (716) 206-3200.


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