6 Things You Should Know About Datto Backup Solutions

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Businesses are increasingly discovering that without certain data backup replication, they’re putting their venture at great risk. For so many reasons, today’s companies need to have backup technology they can trust to come through for them when they need it. That’s why our Datto backup solutions are being sought out by more and more business owners and network administrators in Western New York.
Datto, Inc. has just been named a “Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service,” and for good reason, we feel.
There are many things good Datto technology support can do to protect and ensure your business data is continuously accessible, and your operation runs smoothly. It means more reliable server backup, and can also play a critical part in dependable business continuity long before disaster strikes
And there’s so much more it can do, such as…
Instant Virtualization
Datto’s Instant Virtualization technology virtualizes systems either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in a Datto secure cloud — within seconds. It also allows a protected system to be virtualized and hosted either locally on a Datto BDR appliance (SIRIS), or remotely in the secure Datto SIRIS or Datto ALTO Cloud in seconds.
It’s always wise to back-up your business data to multiple locations. Datto cloud backup can protect your sensitive proprietary and client data from all the most prevalent forms of loss and play a central role in disaster avoidance.
Disaster Avoidance
Our Datto backup solutions can protect you from unintentional staff errors, ill-willed ex-employees, natural disasters, and malicious activity. In all such cases, Datto hardware allows you to instantly restore your accounts and sensitive data so your business can continue normally, and you can have the peace of mind that you will likely pass the next compliance audit while also thwarting hackers and other cyber threats.
The Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform seamlessly unifies Datto appliances with the resources of the Datto Cloud, providing the most available, cost-effective, and capable business continuity platform. A hybrid cloud approach allows Datto to provide secure onsite backup and DRaaS, ensuring recoverability in any disaster scenario. On-premises servers are protected with Datto BDR appliances and mirrored automatically to the Datto Cloud, improving fault tolerance while both increasing available resources for DR scenarios and providing immediate access to all retained backups.
And, you also get:

  • Availability and Data Integrity for any sized business: Local and offsite backups with ZFS data integrity
  • Departure from tape archives: Reduced necessity to purchase more local storage as a result of data growth or backup pruning restrictions
  • Standards compliance: Confidently comply with regulatory mandates relating to data protection and data recoverability
  • Infrastructure control for MSPs: Best-in-class solutions without platform maintenance responsibility
  • Bandwidth optimization: Datto SpeedSync weighted replication, with efficient LZMA2 compression

Datto Backup Solutions Mean Better Accessibility
With a hybrid cloud backup solution, backup images are stored on-premises and mirrored to cloud data centers, so they can be accessed in the event that local restoration is not available locally (i.e. a disaster scenario). Third-party cloud DRaaS providers can offer space and offsite compute in the cloud at lower costs than the average MSP could provide if they built their own cloud.
Datto BDR devices maintain months of backups on premises, protected by pre-existing firewalls, security protocols, and encryption. Devices also replicate all backups (near and long-term) to two remote Datto Cloud locations. The hybrid cloud solution ensures classic “3-2-1 rule” resiliency, but without the architecture costs and planning that traditionally put this out of reach of most businesses.
All Datto appliances and cloud nodes uses the advanced ZFS file system both onsite and in the Datto Cloud. ZFS guarantees protection from drive failures, but more importantly protects against silent data corruption. As a DRaaS solution, the Datto’s Hybrid Cloud Platform also provides the flexibility of Instant Virtualization of backup clients using the compute from the local BDR appliance, or in the Datto Cloud, for simple yet maximum availability for BC/DR. The robust 300 PB Datto Cloud also provides cloud storage for Datto Backupify and Datto Drive.
How Datto Helps Us to Help You
The Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform for DRaaS empowers MSPs and VARs to maintain their reputation as trusted advisors for their clients’ IT infrastructures. By having a device on premises with their client, a managed service provider retains local presence and the personal touch they (we) can lend to each client.
MSPs like Globalquest who provide Datto backup solutions may have visibility to every aspect of daily on-premises backup operations. The device on premises enables faster and more frequent backups, improved RTO, and ensures automated backup even when offsite access is underperforming.
Given that we only need to regulate the local side of the backup infrastructure, the manpower necessary to support hybrid cloud solutions is far less than that of a private cloud.
The responsibilities of maintaining data centers, covering bandwidth costs, developing software and hardware updates, etc. are the responsibility of the vendor. Lasting relationships with channel-only solution providers facilitate strong strategic partnerships between resellers and vendors. Vendors are available to assist their partners with implementation, troubleshooting, sales, marketing, and support to help partners succeed.
Globalquest and the Best Datto Backup Solutions in Buffalo
We wanted to wrap-up this list by letting you know that our Globalquest Datto support specialists are ready to answer your call for better data backup replication and management solutions.
Just give us a call at (716) 601-3524 or email us at info@globalquestinc.com, and we’ll get you started with the kind of reliable Datto backup solutions in Buffalo NY your business continuity and growth depend upon!


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