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Do You Know What Datto Backupify Can Do for Your Data Protection?

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Acquired by Datto in 2014, the cloud-to-cloud backup service Backupify enables enterprises to extend data protection and accessibility best practices to the cloud. More than two million business customers rely on Datto Backupify to protect SaaS data in Office 365, Google Apps, and Salesforce.

It currently protects over 12 PB (petabytes) of data for more than 31,000 companies, which equates to around three million total users protected.

For those companies using the aforementioned programs, Backupify is a formidable guardian of a great repository of data. This translates to a huge payoff in compliance assurance, multi-user accessibility, disaster recovery, and business continuity assurance that’s truly state-of-the-art!

More About Datto and Backupify

Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Backupify offers an agile way to back up your cloud services. Although the idea of a backup service for your cloud services may seem redundant, it’s not about protecting against data loss from the services themselves, so much as indemnifying yourself against end-user error. If someone deletes a key file from a cloud service either inadvertently or on purpose, and there is no backup, it could be a huge problem.

Backupify solves that issue.

Datto itself works with companies to get them back up to speed quickly in the event of an outage. When a disaster happens, the company’s local channel partners like Globalquest can get a virtualized instance of a system running in seconds.

Datto CEO and founder Austin McChord says the company’s watershed moment was Hurricane Sandy in late 2012 when they were able to keep clients working, even when the local infrastructure had been destroyed or was under water.

About Globalquest and its Datto Partnership

As your leading Datto Partners in Buffalo and Western New York, Globalquest continues our ongoing mission to provide small businesses (and larger organizations) the best Datto BDR, or Backup and Data Recovery solutions in the region.

We’re proud to be able to offer our clients service and support for the amazing lineup of Datto BDR and Inverse Chain technology that includes Backupify, SIRIS, ALTO, and more.

But, it’s not about the technology – it’s about the strategic long-term disaster avoidance and recovery solutions we’re able to establish for our customers with it.

And overall, it’s about YOU, the client, our valued customer, and how we can help prevent disaster and its catastrophic after-effects with BDR cloud services like Backupify!

Interested in a No-Hassle BDR Assessment?

Globalquest can do a quick evaluation of your IT infrastructure, see where (or if) you are BDR-deficient, and put together a preliminary game plan for optimum BDR readiness.

Simply give one of our sales and support agents a call at (716) 601-3524 or email us at, and we’ll begin the process of getting you the kind of reliable Datto Backupify solutions in Buffalo you truly need!

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