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Where Can I find Datto SIRIS Solutions and Support in Western New York?

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Globalquest Solutions is where! We’re Western New York’s leader in providing state-of-the-art BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) solutions, and have the Datto SIRIS solutions and support in Western New York and the greater Buffalo area you’re searching for!

We’ve provided some answers to FAQs about Datto SIRIS that will hopefully enlighten you on the subject and situation, below:

How have the recent changes in Datto BDR technology altered your support “vector”?

If you’re speaking of the recent roll-up of some of the Virtual ALTO features into SIRIS products, then it has only fueled our being adaptable to these minor changes to the Datto product line. Also, as a local point of contact for Datto support, we’ll continue to support and service our clients’ Datto hardware, no matter what it is, when they purchased it, etc.

So, can you upgrade me from Virtual ALTO with your Datto SIRIS support solutions?

That’s part of what we do, of course! As part of our Datto SIRIS support plans, you’ll get an upgrade should you choose to go with SIRIS BDR over ALTO. For those businesses looking for BDR appliances with nimble capabilities, Virtual ALTO’s capabilities have been consolidated into SIRIS Virtual, but it’s all one big, happy family, so to speak!

As of 2016, Datto has updated its SIRIS offering and added an all-flash BDR appliance, providing BDR hardware, software, and a hybrid cloud platform, selling it exclusively through qualified managed service providers (MSPs) like Globalquest Solutions.

And for those worried if we’ll leave them in the cold due to changing Datto corporate support changes, Datto has recently stated:

“Datto has been growing rapidly and adding a lot of new and different technologies into its portfolio. All Datto products are expected to have a long service life, and these distributions will continue to support updates in Datto SIRIS.”

Translation, it’s an all-inclusive thing, and you’ll still get the same reliable service, support, and upgrades where necessary involving Datto ALTO 2. ALTO XL, Virtual ALTO, SIRIS 2, SIRIS 3, and each of its BDR products are available from Globalquest, Buffalo’s best Datto partner.

That’s awesome! What else can you tell me about your Datto SIRIS support and BDR technology and how it will improve my business?

Datto SIRIS is a big player in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and protects your stored information from the most prevalent form of data loss – human error or misconduct – along with all other types of data loss. Accidental missteps, disgruntled ex-employees, and malicious activity are all covered by Datto BDR technology like SIRIS. Datto BDR technology allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so you can go on with business as usual without suffering catastrophic consequences like business shut-down, compliance fines, etc.

Can we meet with you to determine if Globalquest can provide us with the right Datto SIRIS support?

Absolutely! As business owners, you should invest some of your valuable time in meeting with our Datto tech support team who will implement long-term, highly-effective business continuity planning involving Datto SIRIS appliances and strategies – all with your input, of course.

Fantastic! How do we get started with your Datto SIRIS solutions and support?

Just give one of our Globalquest support agents a call at (716) 601-3524 or email us at, and we’ll start the ball rolling for getting you the kind of reliable Datto SIRIS solutions in Western New York for your business IT networking and continuity requires.

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