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Buffalo IT Service Provider’s High Standards Achieves Enterprise Partner Status With Datto

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Globalquest Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce that they have achieved exclusive Enterprise partner status with Datto, the leading provider of total data protection solutions for businesses around the world.

Buffalo Datto Partner

Globalquest has exceeded high standards of performance to qualify for Enterprise status in Datto’s partner program, which represents the top 10% of partners, worldwide. Datto’s Total Data Protection solutions deliver uninterrupted access to business data on site, in transit and in the cloud. Thousands of IT service providers globally rely on Datto’s combination of pioneering technology and dedicated services to ensure businesses are always on, no matter what. Learn more at

Globalquest wants to ensure that your business has access to all of the technological solutions that they can provide and that Globalquest has honed over years of applying them for their wide range of clients. This allows them to go above and beyond just tending to your IT when it’s broken. Globalquest can apply preventative solutions that stop IT problems from happening in the first place and focus on helping you use your technology to improve everyday processes.

“Globalquest has always put the needs of the client’s business first,” says Mike Morlock, Chief Technology Officer at Globalquest. “Helping clients improve efficiency, raise the productivity of their employees, and streamline their everyday operations. We do this by having high standards in everything that we do every day. Our team has more than 25 years experience in helping businesses big and small leverage their IT solutions.”

“Having worked with Globalquest over the last year here at Datto, I’ve personally witnessed their exceptional growth in the Data Protection space becoming one of the highest performing Datto partners in the Buffalo market,” says Aaron Perry, Channel Account Manager at Datto, Inc. “One of the key differentiators I see with Globalquest is their commitment to providing world-class service and support. It’s top notch and sets them apart in the market.”

Leadership and Expertise to Get It Done Right, on Time, and on Budget

You rely pretty heavily on your technology to keep your business running: Email communications, important files and records, and applications you use every day to get work done. You can’t afford to lose access to any of that. Let us keep you safe.

  • Regular backups of all your systems. Not just your files, but your applications and settings too.
  • Backups saved in the cloud via our secure US data centers in Boston and Los Angeles, so you never have to worry that anything is lost because office equipment is damaged.
  • Focus on fast and easy recovery from any level of disaster.

Reliable Backups Focused on Speedy Recovery

The point of backing up your systems is to make sure you can recover from disaster. This means that you’ve got to back up everything possible and make sure it’s easy to leverage your backups when the critical moment comes. Don’t be left out in the dark because you forgot to back up your data.

  • Image Backups: Not just saving your files, but also your operating system(s), applications, users, and settings. All the important stuff.
  • Cloud Storage: We save your backups in the cloud so they’re protected from anything that could damage your onsite equipment.
  • Virtualization: If you can’t use your onsite computers, we’ll use your backups to make up a virtual copy of your systems in the cloud, so that you can easily access them from any computer that can connect to the Internet.

Proving the Backups Work

It’s not enough to just assume that your backups are working correctly. Doing that could lead to a nasty surprise at a critical moment. Trust that it’s not a surprise you want. Instead, we prove you can rely on your business continuity plan.

Backup Monitoring & Testing: We’ll remotely monitor and test your backups every time. If one of those backups fails, we’ll immediately restart the process. So when the critical time comes you don’t have to worry whether or not your data is secure.

Regular Recovery Dry Run: See for yourself how your plan works. We’ll regularly do a mock recovery using your backups, so you know how to leverage the system in the event of a real emergency. The only way to know if a backup plan will work properly is to test it.

The Tools and Know-How to Protect Your Business

Some small businesses think they don’t need to worry about IT security. Unfortunately, this is the wrong attitude. Recent studies are showing that cybercriminals are actually MORE likely to target a small business for hacking or data theft. You just can’t take your security for granted when there are simple and easy steps to take. With hackers finding new ways to attack your system seemingly every day, you can’t afford to take chances with your cybersecurity. But luckily we can help.

  • We’ll analyze your network and email service to look for any weak points that could be exploited to take advantage of your business.
  • We’ll provide the right tools and procedures to keep you secure, including anti-virus, firewalls, password settings, anti-spam, user authentication… you name it.
  • We’ll instate 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems to watch for intrusion or for potential problems, so they can be immediately dealt with.

Globalquest Solutions has the tools and know-how needed to protect any business from any threat the future holds. There are some important steps that we can take to check for vulnerabilities and secure your defenses. Contact us today at (716) 601-3524 or to talk about protecting your business from threats.

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