Why is Datto Backup Your Best Technology Bet for Disaster Recovery?

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It’s simple – companies everywhere are realizing (some the hard way) that they have either substandard or no viable data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Are you one of them? If so, Globalquest has enterprise-level Datto backup and disaster recovery solutions you may want to investigate, as many businesses are getting real results with Datto.

Our wide variety of Datto cloud-based data backup solutions is giving Buffalo businesses iron-clad “failover scenario” assurance by which they can continue to do business in the event of any disaster.

Evidence of the efficacy of Datto hardware is in a recent “Datto Disaster Demo – Live from London” conference, where presenters from Datto headquarters spelled out the hopeful facts yet critical situation companies worldwide face concerning their inadequate disaster recovery and data backup plans.

“Your data protection is costing you time the way you have it now,” says Ian McChord, Director of Product Management for Datto, speaking to those 75 percent of companies who are flat-out unprepared for disaster or data center downtime of any sort – and the other 1 out of 4 who have a “good measure” of disaster recovery planning in place, but who need to bolster their data recovery plans due to evolving needs.

“Your time is the most valuable thing you have,” continues McChord, going on to present a series of facts and figures in his presentation that should make any business owner of any size take action to optimize their data backup and recovery strategy.

“We’re selling the parachute for the skydiving trip company owners never plan on taking,” said McChord at the 2016 Disaster Demo conference in Nashville.

Fact: The average cost of one minute of downtime is now around $8,000 for small businesses; for mid-sized companies, $74,000 per minute.

Our ongoing Datto backup consulting includes competitive product pricing, cloud storage drive support, and a wealth of data storage solutions. Our data management and IT infrastructure strategies are all custom-made to fit your inherent business objectives and real-time requirements – in a budget-friendly way, of course.

And, because reliable cloud-based Datto data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning are the absolute heart of any computer-networked business operation, we offer the best continuity planning and widest selection of Datto products to our Buffalo and Western New York clients.

As a certified Datto partner in Buffalo NY, we offer the following types of support:

  • Datto Drive tech support
  • Linux support
  • Data backup support
  • SIRIS tech support
  • ALTO tech support
  • SIRIS 2, SIRIS 3, and ALTO 2 pricing
  • Datto NAS tech support

Our Datto solutions support your livelihood, from end to end. 

Call a Globalquest consultant for all your Datto support needs. Contact us by phone at (716) 601-3524; toll-free at 1 (877) 440-3061, or email us at info@globalquestinc.com to begin receiving the professional tech support that puts your business longevity and operations first, thanks in part to our versatile line of Datto backup and disaster recovery products.

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