Easy Access to Images Make a Big Difference in the Overall Care of Patients

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Providing value-based care to patients in a medical practice is more efficient through the use of cloud-based imaging software.

When you are part of a care team, getting information in an instant can make a big difference in the level of care your patients receive. With the ability to store images and share these images with care providers in a network, it’s possible for providers to analyze images in an instant using the GE Health Cloud. The company is working on the development of a range of technological advances, focusing on cloud-based imaging and analytics.

Healthcare Imaging

The Transition to Value-Based Care

Value-based care is focused on providing patients with the best care possible, while also optimizing resources to keep costs down. In one software solution, practices are able to access patient records, deliver quality care, engage in communication with patients, view images, and manage all aspects of patient billing. Value-based care is saving struggling practices throughout the country, as the cost of running a medical practice continues to rise. Value-based care is successful because of the implementation of software solutions that allow for easy access to medical records.

Access Patient Information in an Instant

When practices are able to obtain images regarding patients in a moment, sharing information is easy. Consider a patient that is difficult to diagnose, who has imaging readily available in the system. It becomes vital to the care of the patient to be able to share this information, allowing for a second, and even third opinion on the diagnostic information provided. When decisions have to be made right away, it’s essential to have all diagnostic information at your fingertips. Images that are stored in the cloud are accessible to any provider with network permissions and an internet connection.

Provide Diagnostic Assistance on the Road

Utilizing the cloud to store data and images allows providers to work on the road, providing diagnostic support when you are out of the office. If you are on call, you can quickly view any information uploaded to help ensure your patients get top quality care no matter whether they are in the office or need emergency room care. You will have access to all materials, making it easier to oversee the care of your patients.

The ways practices deliver quality care to their patients is always improving due to the technology available. With new imaging techniques always being developed, and cloud-based storage becoming more popular, it is easy to run a successful practice by providing value-based care to all patients. Utilizing the cloud for image storage allows for continuity of attention that couldn’t exist before this type of technology was developed.

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