Fortinet FortiGate vs. Cisco Firewalls: How Do They Rank? (Comparisons/Reviews)

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Should Your Buffalo Company Invest In Cisco Firewalls Or Fortinet Fortigate Firewalls?

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Buffalo companies need comprehensive solutions to keep data and systems safe. While basic protections — antivirus and anti-spam tools — have been around for years, companies today are investing in next-generation firewalls that over broader protections that envelop employees, systems, devices, and users with a blanket of powerful measures. When you need a security approach that addresses all of the potential cyber threats, these firewalls are the best line of defense.

The market contains a range of options with different features and safeguards designed to over sweeping protection. Two of the leading contenders are Fortinet and Cisco.

Fortinet’s FortiGate is a robust and complete product, drawing on the many Fortinet solutions to create an intuitive suite of tools designed to monitor, prevent and protect. Cisco offers a number of firewall products itself with similar tools and protections. It’s arrived on the scene a bit more recently and the company’s lack of experience and available features is one reason it has yet to gain a strong foothold in the market.

However, it can be challenging to sort through the marketing and fact sheets to choose the ideal solution. How can companies make an informed decision that works for their specific security needs? That’s where Globalquest comes in. As a leading local provider of Fortinet support Buffalo NY companies relies on Globalquest to help guide these decisions and provide expertise to optimizing their firewall.

What Is Similar About FortiGate and Cisco Firewalls?

At a basic level, there is a lot that’s the same about these two products. Both provide anti-malware and anti-spam capabilities. Both offer VPN configuration and deployments, policy-based routing, decryption tools and application control. These are basic features found in many similar products and are difficult to use to determine what sets one product apart from another.

How Does a Security Fabric Work?

Companies today are not just online, they’re online in multiple facets. Networks need to support internal needs for document sharing, applications, and data collection. External networks need to connect suppliers and partners across the supply chain. Other external networks are critical for customers to access products and services, get information and make purchases.

This increased complexity means there’s more exposure for companies. More users are using more devices to access networks from multiple vantage points. With FortiGate, you gain access to powerful monitoring and security protection across the many layers of your network. All of its services protect all components of your network, from the connected Internet of Things objects to applications being accessed to cloud systems deploying information and data.

Doing so means that FortiGate keeps services available for all access points, all devices and all users.

How Easy Is FortiGate to Use?

User interfaces are one of FortiGate’s greatest strengths. There’s a single management pane that lets you control multiple components of your Fortinet bundle. There are also dashboards that are highly configurable, allowing you to move and resize information displays the way you want them to be.

One example of FortiGate’s approach to the user experience is its device inventory. When you want to see everything that’s on your network, organized by device type, FortiGate makes it easy to glance at what devices are in use and who’s using them.

There are also management apps that can be used on iOS and Android operating systems. These let you access system information and your dashboards from anywhere and on any device.

How Do I Manage Different Types of Data?

The reality is that not all network traffic is created equally. You need to prioritize what traffic has access to your bandwidth, based on the type of data being transmitted or the user that needs to connect. With FortiGate’s traffic shaping feature, you can determine what takes priority — voice over internet (VoIP) communications, file transfer protocol (FTP) requests, HTTP traffic that’s incoming or outgoing, or data-heavy emails.

Does FortiGate Work with Active Directory?

Your firewall protections need to integrate seamlessly with other applications. One of the most common FortiGate integrations is with Active Directory.

Ensuring that your security tools work well with your identity and access management solution is critical. FortiGate allows you to create user access controls rules based on Active Directory roles and groups. You won’t need to constantly adjust firewall settings based on new roles or new employees.

Call Globalquest In Buffalo For All Your Fortinet Fortigate Firewall Support

FortiGate has broad functionality and tools that set it apart from Cisco firewall products. But who can Buffalo companies turn to for Fortinet firewall support? At Globalquest, we can help with your Fortinet needs, advising you on which tools to deploy and how. And when something isn’t working quite right, turn to Globalquest to help diagnose and solve the problem quickly. To learn more about our Fortinet support services, contact Globalquest today.


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