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Fortinet Support and Fortigate Services In Buffalo, NY

Fortinet offers a wide range of security options to keep your data, systems, and users secure. With so many options and variables, making sense of a Fortinet solution can be daunting for businesses without the right technical experience to ensure success.

For Fortinet support, Buffalo businesses turn to Globalquest to recommend, configure and monitor Fortinet solutions. With Fortinet and Globalquest as your partners, your business’ firewall solution will be secure, comprehensive and cost-effective.

What Is Fortinet?

Fortinet is a comprehensive approach to network security. Its products provide a fabric of security that keeps all components of your network, from your servers to your data, protected from intrusions. At its heart is Fortigate, a firewall system designed to keep intruders out.

Like most Fortinet products, Fortigate is scalable and comprehensive, providing protection from your network’s edge to its core. It can be deployed as an on-site appliance, virtual machine or in the cloud, providing you with the flexibility to meet your network configuration. Fortigate uses automation technologies to give you deeper visibility into the applications being used, your network users, and the network itself.

With threat intelligence services, Fortigate provides a security fabric that provides insights into your cloud applications, the Internet of Things connected devices, and an end-to-end topological view of your network. It can be enhanced by an array of other Fortinet services to strengthen your protection from the daily ongoing threats that are a harsh reality for businesses today. These services include:

  • Application Control. You can establish and apply policies in real time to allow, deny or restrict access to apps or types of applications running on your network.
  • Web Filtering. This tool restricts access to hacked, malicious or inappropriate websites via your network.
  • FortiSandbox Cloud. This advanced solution aids in threat detection by analyzing previously undetected malware, then feeds that intelligence back into your preventative controls to disarm the threat.
  • Antivirus. Industry-leading detection engines prevent new threats and existing but evolving threats from gaining a foundation within your system.
  • Intrusion Protection. These tools detect and block threats from reaching devices.

How Does Globalquest Monitor Fortinet?

Fortinet is a powerful solution but needs to be monitored and managed to make sure it is optimized and working to protect your IT network. At Globalquest, we offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure that the Fortinet solution you have deployed is performing properly. We also provide insights and analytics to help you get the most out of your Fortinet protection. With our Fortinet managed services, we keep all components functioning at peak levels and will address any issues that arise on your company’s behalf.

What Does Globalquest Do To Protect Our Network?

Globalquest provides comprehensive firewall services for Buffalo, NY businesses in addition to the Fortinet support Buffalo businesses expect. Our network and email system analyses can determine how traffic is flowing in, out and through your network, looking for suspicious or unusual patterns of behavior. With proactive analysis, we can help configure your systems to keep hackers away and your system’s performance strong.

What Fortinet Solution Does My Business Need?

Each Buffalo company we work with has different needs and priorities for their systems. Our Fortinet support engineers have extensive experience working with our clients to identify system needs and recommend a solution that best addresses their systems and security needs. Some clients, for example, are subject to rigorous regulatory requirements that need comprehensive documentation to maintain compliance. Others work with sensitive customer data that needs to be protected whether at rest or in transit. With Fortinet firewall and detection tools, along with other Globalquest services, we act as a virtual CIO, giving your company actionable and practical solutions.

How Will Fortinet Be Configured?

Fortinet offers multiple scalable options, including on-premises appliances, cloud solutions or virtual machines. Globalquest’ engineering and support teams can help you develop and deploy the right solutions to meet your small or medium-sized company’s network security needs. We

To learn more about how Globalquest can support your business with critical Fortinet solutions, including Fortigate and related products, contact us today for a free consultation.


We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business.

We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business. Contact Globalquest today to learn more about what we can do to help you pursue your goals.

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