Fortinet FortiGate vs. WatchGuard: How Do They Rank? (Comparisons/Reviews)

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Fortinet Fortigate vs. Watchguard: What Firewall Makes Sense For Buffalo Companies

When you’re looking for next-generation firewall protection, there are many options available. Businesses in Buffalo and western New York have a lot to sort through before choosing a provider.

To help determine the right choice for your company, turn to Globalquest, a leading provider of managed IT services and Fortinet support Buffalo NY companies rely on for technological advice and insights.

FortiGate and WatchGuard Defined

Both FortiGate and WatchGuard offer next-generation firewall (NGFW) protection for small and medium-sized businesses. At its fundamental level, these protections are designed to offer traditional firewall protections for computer networks, along with other network filtering tools. These additional safeguards, including intrusion prevention systems and deep packet inspection services, provide multiple layers of protection. They’re designed to offer a broad blanket of tools that envelop your company’s system and keep your servers, data, users, and devices protected from outside threats.

Other tools included in both FortiGate and WatchGuard are standard tools that most NGFW providers today offer, including website filtering, bandwidth management, antivirus tools, and identity management protection.

However, not all NGFW products are alike. Knowing the differences between FortiGate and WatchGuard help to keep your network protected fully.

Will Firewalls Slow Down My Business?

Throughput is an important component of network functionality and one of the key differentiators of FortiGate over WatchGuard. It’s a measure of how quickly data can flow into and out of your system. The better the throughput, the more efficiently your employees and customers can work.

When comparing the FortiGate 101E to the WatchGuard M200, FortiGate is the clear winner. Its overall firewall throughput rate is 4.4 to 7.4 gigabytes per second (Gbps), compared to 3.2 Gbps for the WatchGuard.

When using a virtual private network (VPN), which allows employees and customers to access information when not directly connected to the network, FortiGate wins again, with speeds three times faster than WatchGuard.

FortiGate is simply more accessible and open, too. The product offers more VPN tunnels (2000 versus 50), more connections per second (30,000 versus 20,000), and more total connections (2 million versus 1.7 million). That means more users can be on your system, safely, at any time.

How Does FortiGate Protect My System?

FortiGate works by creating a layered approach to your security. Working in tandem with other Fortinet products, it allows you to customize your security solution to best meet your business needs. The FortiGate solution is more comprehensive than that of its competitors, too.

FortiGate offers both protection and intelligence. It encrypts traffic leaving your system to ensure it is protected. It also adds visibility into the applications being used on your system, the users and the network itself. With a deeper understanding of the data being used and accessed and the applications and users active on your system, FortiGate can pinpoint patterns of behavior or unusual activity before it sets a foothold and can cause further damage.

What Else Sets FortiGate Apart?

One of FortiGate’s strongest features is its sandboxing functionality. When there’s a suspicious file that’s caught in a filter or looks like a phishing attack, FortiGate allows for it to be tested in a sandbox, a virtual environment that mimics your actual computer network and systems.

In the sandbox, you can execute the file and see how it behaves and interacts with other files and systems, confirming whether it is indeed malicious and, if so what damage it could do. The sandbox feature is a powerful way to isolate and examine potential threats.

How Do I Know What FortiGate System I Need?

FortiGate is a scalable system that offers you flexibility and growth options to meet the evolving needs of your company. FortiGate has four different models to meet your business where it is today and help plan for future needs.

Each model, where ultra high-end or entry-level, provides your company with threat protection, SSL inspection, and network interfaces. It also interacts with leading cloud providers, including Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

How Can I Manage FortiGate and Other Fortinet Services?

Fortinet makes a powerful array of services and products to keep your company protected. Using a trusted western New York managed IT provider for Fortinet firewall support is critical. At Globalquest we help Buffalo and western New York businesses with their Fortinet products, providing monitoring and response services, IT consultation, and other tools to keep network security from keeping you up at night.

Contact Globalquest for a free consultation and learn how to put its Fortinet expertise to work in your company.


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