Fortinet FortiGate vs. SonicWALL: Which is better for Buffalo business? (Comparisons/Reviews)

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For Buffalo businesses looking to keep their data, systems, and users protected, firewall services are an absolute must. Businesses often need to choose between two leading providers — SonicWALL and Fortinet’s FortiGate service.

What are some of the key differences between SonicWALL and Fortinet firewall support? Let’s take a closer look at the two products.

What Are the Similarities Between SonicWALL and FortiGate?

Both of these products provide broad network firewall protections designed to keep harmful attacks on networks. Both are built for use with the latest Internet protocol standards and include priority queuing of network traffic and deep packet inspection to ensure bad actors and the tools they can implant is detected and destroyed.

FortiGate and SonicWALL offer anti-malware and anti-bot detection services, VPN services and protection and on-appliance reporting. Features in each product allow for application control, policy-based routing, IP address blocking, email spam filtering and SSL decryption tools. Each offers deployment as an on-premises hardware appliance, a virtual appliance or a cloud solution. They both operate on multiple operating systems.

With so much commonality in the product, it’s important to understand how to tell them apart and choose the best option for your company’s unique needs.

What sets FortiGate apart?

FortiGate is a powerful option for Buffalo companies. One FortiGate feature that sets it apart from SonicWALL and other products is its sandboxing feature. FortiGate offers network- and cloud-based sandboxing options, an additional layer to protect your systems.

Sandboxes allow users to replicate a real user’s operating system and run code, whether it’s embedded in an email or a link or a downloaded and clicked-on executable file. The sandbox lets you observe how potential malware behaves and the effect it has on registries, system configurations, network connections, and file or disc operations.

FortiGate’s sandbox features work as part of a comprehensive next-generation firewall structure or unified threat management system. It’s a sandbox solution that lets you detect breaches quickly and defeat them.

Here’s another feature that sets FortiGate apart: traffic shaping. These functions help to bring order and prioritization to network systems struggling to manage the growing volume of email, incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic, voice over internet communications and file transfer protocol requests. Network traffic can slow significantly, meaning customers and employees are delayed in responding to or accessing your company, meaning lost revenue.

FortiGate’s traffic shaping features allow your company to adjust how bandwidth resources are allocated to different types of traffic, improving performance and stability.

What can FortiGate protect?

One of the greatest advantages of FortiGate is its capabilities in managing and understanding application usage. Many firewalls only identify ports, IP addresses, and protocols. A next-generation firewall like FortiGate does much more, giving you visibility into the applications that are being used in real time. You’ll gain insights into trends via easy-to-use and understandable reports, views and visualizations. You’ll be able to block or restrict access to risky applications, fine-tune usage policies and apply them quickly to applications or application types. You’ll also be able to optimize your bandwidth usage by prioritizing, de-prioritizing or blocking system traffic based on the applications in use.

Is FortiGate easy to use?

The user interface that FortiGate is one of its greatest features and sets it apart from SonicWALL and other competitors. The user interface uses screens, graphics, and drop-down menus to help ease navigation. Using a web browser, users can quickly access various menus, including those for system configuration, router configuration and monitoring, policy and protocol options, load balancing, antivirus and email filtering, web filtering, intrusion and data leak prevention, application controls, VPN configuration, user authentication, WAN optimization, web caching, WiFi controller management, and a viewer for log entries and reports.

What’s more, FortiGate offers a standard status dashboard with customizable widgets to show you various displays of system performance. An alert message console helps monitor system events, from firmware updates to network security issues to virus detection notifications.

The interface is highly customizable, giving you the ability to see the information that’s most critical for your company.

How comprehensive is FortiGate?

One of FortiGate’s greatest advantages is its ability to act as a comprehensive net that covers your network. FortiGate is a single-source solution that lets you manage security risks broadly with one product and one vendor. When you rely on a proven partner like Globalquest for Fortinet support Buffalo NY and western New York companies can gain access to experienced engineers and strategies that will help optimize your chosen solution.

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