Introduction to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Training In Buffalo, NY

Microsoft Teams is primarily used as a communication alternative to email. The majority of its communications are chat-based as opposed to email-based. Microsoft Teams can be accessed via a special Teams app on your computer screen. It can also be accessed from your Internet browser.

Basics of Microsoft Teams

Your activity feed on Teams will be on the left-hand side of your screen. This is where you will see all of the different notifications that you have said you want to be notified about. Your Teams notifications can also be accessed from the settings window of the program. If you want to make modifications to your notifications, you can do that in the settings window. The user is able to click on each message in the activity feed window to learn more about it and determine what actions to take next.

Main Purpose of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to get emails, which you can control from your settings window. However, this is a secondary alternative. The focus of Teams is on how to communicate without emails. Therefore if you want to, you are able to turn off your email capabilities from your settings windows. It is also prudent to mention that, not only is Microsoft Teams a replacement for email communication, it is also designed to replace Skype.

The Chat Feed Box

Your chat feed box is where you will look for new messages. This is the same concept as your Inbox on an email platform. The Teams’ dashboard is used as a centralized place to keep in touch with everyone you wish to communicate with. The chat module on Teams is where you will send and receive messages. This system will prompt you with directions on what to do next. It is similar to the chat areas you will find on Facebook and other social media platforms. If you know how to operate those, you won’t have any trouble with Teams.

Other Important Features of Teams

An important asset of Teams is its ability to integrate its chat module with all the other features of the program. You can share files, make phone calls, have a video conference, share your screen, etc. This is considered fantastic by happy Teams users. They do not need to jump out of Teams and into a separate app just to perform other functions — everything can be done from one source.

All the features of Teams work with each other from the same program. This is a marvelous tool to have on your computer. The Teams user is able to customize his or her chat feed and attach documents or images. You can even customize the chat itself and modify its specifications to exactly the way you want them.

One especially nice feature that we have not yet talked about is the Teams’ calendar. Not only is this a handy feature on its own merit, but it integrates with another feature called Meet and allows the user to have an online meeting with one or more other people whenever the need arises. It possesses the ability to invite as many other participants as you want. Again, this is all possible with your Microsoft Teams program.

Globalquest Solutions

Let’s say you are now interested in Microsoft Teams but need a little more advice about it first. What do you do? If you are in or near Buffalo, New York, or if you have the capacity to obtain your advice online, Globalquest Solutions can assist you. They are the go-to source for all things information technology-related. Globalquest understands everything about Teams as well as other IT applications and programs. If you follow their advice, your future communications with them and anyone else can be through Teams. How great is that?

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