Think It’s Painful To Switch IT Companies?

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How To Switch IT Companies So It’s Painless And Benefits Your Business
When working with the right IT company in Western New York, there’s a clear, time-tested, methodical process that makes the transition process painless.  And there will be benefits to switching if done correctly.
The transition process gives you the opportunity to correct all the IT problems from the past.

  • Maybe you didn’t get good reporting;
  • Perhaps you would like to have someone come onsite;
  • Maybe you would like to have inventory reports sent every week.

Consider switching IT companies as an opportunity to evaluate what you like about your IT infrastructure and what the key problems are.  Just make sure to address these issues when selecting a new IT Managed Service Provider (MSP).
You Must First Commit To The Idea Of Switching
In the years that I’ve been providing IT support to countless clients, the biggest argument that I hear is that it’s so difficult to transition to a new IT company.  The reality is if you are already considering switching companies, then it’s just a matter of time before you do… You just haven’t fully committed to what you know is coming.
The best way to make this decision is to act as if you were talking to a friend who just got done telling you about all the IT woes they are having.  Without knowing all the details about their network, applications, business processes, and more–would you recommend that your friend switch IT companies? If your answer is yes, then you’ve just made your decision.
“It is less important what you decide than it is that you decide. More is lost by indecision than by wrong decisions.”
― Gino Wickman, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business
Your New Tech Support Company Should Perform A Complete IT Assessment
The first thing they’ll do is complete a full assessment of your IT system so they can determine if any potential issues could affect its reliability and security. Then they’ll sit down with you to discuss your unique requirements before you sign a contract. Through this consultative approach, your new IT support company can make sure that all of your technology needs are met.
They will then develop a Service Level Agreement that details the services and solutions they’ll provide so there are no unpleasant surprises. This shows how their Managed IT Services will keep your business technology operating efficiently and securely.
Your New IT Company Should Provide The Documentation You Require
Every company has a different way of organizing, and the same is true with IT companies. The right MSP will inspect your network map before you switch to ensure your data and files are organized properly. They will also provide you with a list of login accounts, usernames and passwords so your file transition goes smoothly.
Your New IT Company Must Ensure You Remain In Control Of Your IT
Some IT companies like having high levels of jurisdiction over their clients’ networks. If your previous provider did this, your new one will ensure that you can always retrieve your files.
And they’ll make sure that you own your domain name.  Some IT companies register client domains under their names. This gives them “ownership” of the domain name… You don’t want this.
And, if your old IT company purchased computers for you and registered them in their company name, your new IT provider can help you change this.
Your New IT Company Should Test Your Technologies
Your new IT support company will test your network, printers, computers and backups to make sure everything is working correctly before you switch over to them. When you’re ready to pull the plug on the old network, your new one will work without worries about downtime.
Your New IT Company Must Ensure You Have The Backups You Need
They will ensure that you have a duplicate backup before moving any files and transitioning. If your old IT company won’t release your documents and files, they’ll be readily available from your backup.
The right IT company knows that having more than one backup is always a good idea when moving information from one place to another. This provides the peace of mind you need knowing that your critical IT is always available.
When you realize that your current IT provider isn’t meeting your business needs, and you commit to the idea, switching is the thing to do. It may seem like too much trouble, but if your IT company isn’t measuring up it could harm your organization in downtime, lost files and data breaches.
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