Is Your IT Company In Buffalo Providing Proper Documentation?

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When it comes to handling your information and computer technology for your company, you want to trust the experts. A professional IT company in Buffalo, New York will be able to take your existing documentation. They will be able to develop a more conducive IT system for the needs of your company.
Take Buffalo Computer Help where we provide the best computer services in the region. Recently, our CEO Aaron Fox created a helpful video discussing proper documentation. Here are some tips from Mr. Fox on managing your documentation in any situation.

Identify Your Documentation
Start by identifying all areas of documentation for your company. Documentation includes any combination of the following:

  • Passwords for laptops, social media accounts, cloud storage systems, servers, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • System configurations
  • Project documentation
  • Network diagrams
  • Software licensing

Understanding Password Documentation
Take a look at how passwords could be documented in a company. Employees store their passwords in a centralized location, i.e., a written log in the office. Companies often give out passwords, such as Wi-Fi passwords, with clients, visitors, etc.
When, and if, employees update their personal passwords, they maintain a log of the new password. Some companies even share passwords for accounts over the phone, social media, email, or text.
As you can see, there is an extensive number of ways to document passwords. You want to know exactly who has access to your documentation so you can be sure to protect against stolen or shared information.
By choosing an IT company in Buffalo that provides you with the proper documentation for all of these areas, you are a step ahead of the cyber hackers as well. These criminals lurk in waiting on leaks and security breaches by unprofessional IT teams.
Maintain Ownership of Documentation
As the owner of this documentation, you have the right to access this information. Say you are changing to a new IT company in Buffalo, New York. You want to make sure to gather all of this information from them to transfer over to your new IT service provider.
At the same time, whichever IT company you choose should be transparent about how they handle your documentation. This includes discussing methods of sharing and storing your passwords, system configurations, etc. The IT company should place a premium on securing this documentation.
Accessing Project Documentation
When you have selected an IT company to handle your computer support and repair, you want to focus on how they provide project documentation. This also falls in line with transparency.
Find out if the company even offers written documentation, which they should so everyone is on the same page with a project. In addition, the company should document all configurations that they do for your company.
Again, reflect back to choosing a new IT company in Buffalo, New York. If you want to change to a new provider, can you access your project documentation? You want to be able to take this with you to your new IT provider so that the transition is easier for everyone.
To learn more about the best Buffalo IT support and computer services, contact Buffalo Computer Help today at 716-206-3200.

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