What Criteria Makes The Best IT Services Company In Buffalo, NY?

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The Best IT Support Companies In Buffalo Have Peers Who Help Them Succeed

Buffalo Computer Help & Globalquest Solutions Participate In IT Community Leadership Group
Last month, I was very fortunate to travel to Colorado Springs and invest some time in the development and growth of Globalquest Solutions.
Globalquest Solutions is a member of a top IT services peer group hosted by Ulistic. For those who don’t know who Ulistic is, well, they are (sort of) Western New York’s best-kept secret when it comes to marketing for IT service firms. I say “sort of,” because they are just over the border in Fort Erie, so they are sort of Western New York-based.

How Peers Help Us Be A Better Buffalo IT Services Company

Each quarter, Globalquest meets up for two days of business building and personal development. This time around, Blake Schwank and his team from Colorado Springs’ Top IT service company, Colorado Computer Support, played host at the Space Foundation Discovery Center. What an awesome venue and Blake and Curtis were excellent hosts. (Thanks for the backyard BBQ the first evening!)
Besides the normal agenda where we check in on the overall business health of each of our members, we were also treated to an excellent 3-hour sales training by one of Sandler Sales’ top consultants, Dan Levitt from Denver. Dan shared how we can become even more successful business professionals by understanding how clients make decisions when investing in new technologies – and how they come to the conclusion to outsource their IT support and services.
Our peer group has some amazing members. Joining us in Colorado Springs last week were the following companies:

Every member of our peer group brings a unique perspective to the world of technology, and together we help each other’s business grow and prosper.

We’re Uniquely Positioned As A Top IT Company In Western New York

IT companies in Buffalo are a dime a dozen. Really… Buffalo businesses have a wealth of IT companies to choose from.
Some are great and some, well, they need help. Globalquest is fortunate to be one of the top IT companies in Buffalo. We’ve been around for many years, and we like to think we’re uniquely positioned to help the small-business community in Western New York.
But, we don’t know everything. This is where our peers can help us.
Some areas discussed regarding how we can better serve our clients included:

  • Security solutions: It’s no secret that cybercrime is up everywhere. If a business in Buffalo thinks they’re not a target, they should reconsider this thinking. All businesses across the country, and especially here in Western New York, are targets for cybercrime. Our peers discussed how can we better serve businesses so they don’t become another statistic.
  • Geographic coverage: One of the great advantages of a peer group like Ulistic’s High-Performance Club is that every area of the country is covered, as well as Canada. Globalquest can be 100% comfortable knowing if we need a hand in San Francisco, we can call upon Rob and his team of San Francisco IT consultants at Intivix to represent us.
  • Specializations: A trend in our group is specialization. Many of our members are specializing in different industries. Parkway Tech is one of the top legal IT consulting companies, SymTec is focused on being a dental IT support company, and the team from GO Concepts is uniquely positioned to serve the developmental disabilities industry across Ohio. Globalquest remains true to our commitment to be the premier IT services company for Western New York‘s small businesses.

We can go on forever about the benefits of a great peer group like the one that Stuart and Melissa Crawford from Ulistic put together. Thanks for all the efforts you guys put in, and thanks for helping Globalquest over the years!
If you’re thinking about joining a peer group, just do it. There are some awesome groups out there including HTG and Taylor Business Groups. Peers are a wonderful way to help you take a step outside your comfort zone, look at your business from the outside and, then, come back and take it to the next level.

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