Managed IT Services Buyer’s Guide: Introduction

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Today’s businesses face operational and technological challenges. It’s important to remain competitive, but you must also ensure quality, affordability, and great customer service. You must balance all this with trying to keep up with the day-to-day operations of your business. It’s a complex job and you’ll need every advantage to do the job well.
Many companies are taking a big shortcut to their business goals by finding a great strategic partner to handle all their managed IT services. A reliable partner in this industry can help make sure your staff is working with the best hardware and software. This reduces downtime and improves both customer and employee satisfaction. You can focus on what matters most…running your company.

Is Your IT Infrastructure a Massive Headache?

Your IT infrastructure is a big part of your overall business and that makes it important to your success. Will you spend all day dealing with frustrating server problems? Or will you spend your time and money acquiring new customers? When you can center your time and money on improving products and services, you’re already a step ahead of everyone else.
Too many businesses think they just can’t afford today’s best technology, so they struggle with outdated hardware and software. This results in poor customer service. Employees don’t get as much work done. They may dread coming to work each day. But when you outsource your IT needs, you don’t have any of that to worry about. It’s not even your responsibility anymore. Your managed service provider must make sure everything works as it should each day. Cyber security is their worry; not yours. When patches and updates come out, they install them.

How Much Is Peace of Mind Worth to You?

The biggest advantage to managed IT services is simply peace of mind. You get a huge burden lifted off your shoulders and that clears your schedule each day to work on growing your business. Of course, it’s important to choose the right managed service provider. You need a company you can trust. Work with leaders in that industry. Don’t settle. Get people who know their stuff and will make sure you’re prepared for all types of things like:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Cyber attacks
  • New technology
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Application Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Network Monitoring & Reporting
  • Configuration/Network Design
  • Help Desk
  • End User Support
  • Lots More

This guide has been written to help you find and take advantage of the best managed IT service provider in your area. As you read through the guide, we hope you’ll begin to visualize exactly what a great MSP looks like. Yes, the landscape of IT managed services is complex and evolving, but your provider should be a strategic partner throughout every step of the journey.
At Buffalo Computer Help, we know how important technology is to your success. But we also realize that staying within your budget is a pretty big deal. That’s why we offer customized IT service plans that include support, service, and management for a fixed monthly fee. Your success is our success and that’s how good business works these days.
Be sure to watch for the first part of this series coming next week!


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