Are Managed IT Services Worth the Money?

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Cost

No matter what type of business you run, you need modern technology to be competitive. It all starts with a great website that works on both phones and computers. You’ll need a network that is fast and reliable. You’ll need the right software programs to handle things like order processing and customer relationship management. An interesting blog that contains informative, engaging content is also important. To protect all this from cyber thieves you need excellent cyber security.
These are just the bare bones of what it takes to start a new business. We haven’t even talked about cloud technology and whether that’s a good idea for your business. And what about business continuity? With so many natural disasters taking place each year, you must have all your files and documents backed up onsite and offsite.

What About Your Technology Investment?

Most businesses make a substantial financial investment in building their site, buying good servers, networking equipment and computers. But who’s going to run and maintain all this technology? In many cases, a company will hire several people with knowledge and experience working with Information technology. As your business grows, you’ll need to hire more IT people. This alone can become a major expense.
With your business growing at such a fast pace, you may not have time to hire new IT people and train them. One solution is to outsource all or part of your needs. There are pros and cons to this solution. You may not like the idea of giving up control of the monitoring and maintenance of your IT Infrastructure.
One way to combat this is to make sure you’re working with a managed IT service provider who is dependable—someone who understands your business goals. If you find the right IT provider, they can become a strategic partner. They’ll take a vested interest in helping you succeed. They’ll make sure you always have the latest hardware and software. And they are available when you have a technology crisis or even simple questions about something.
What this does for a business owner is give them the peace of mind that they have responsible professionals maintaining all their equipment. It also removes most of the burden of technology issues. If you outsource everything, then you don’t need much in terms of keeping an in-house IT staff. You may be able to get by with one or two IT techs to help with common everyday problems like computers that have crashed.

How Much Should You Pay For Managed IT Services?

When answering this question, there are lots of things to factor in. It’s not that a managed services company doesn’t want to give you a straightforward answer. It’s that the pricing depends on lots of variables:

  • How many workers/computers do you have?
  • Do you want a fully outsourced option or a co-managed option?
  • Do you need other services like a Bring Your Own Device program?
  • Are you ready to move all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud?
  • Will you need to improve your cyber security initiatives?

What Are The Benefits of Working With a Managed Service Provider?

Working with a great managed services provider can help minimize downtime, increase productivity, and ensure that your employees always have the best hardware and software. Your customer service can improve as well. Most business owners appreciate not having to worry about their technology. It’s so hard for your staff to get their work done each day if they’re constantly struggling with servers that keep going down and computers that keep crashing.
One of the greatest benefits of working with a managed service company is that it’s in their best interests to keep your technology running smoothly. This is good for your business too. You can really start to make some good forward progress when you have dependable employees and reliable technology.

Do You Want a Better ROI?

An in-house IT staff often spends the whole day fixing things when they break down. But the focus of a managed service provider is to monitor and maintain your equipment on a continual basis. This allows them to see problems and resolve them before they can do harm. This proactive approach makes your equipment last longer too. It’s the difference between taking good care of equipment throughout its life and only fixing something if it breaks.
When you take care of your car, keep it clean, change the oil, check the tires—your car will run better and have a better trade-in value. The same is true for your IT equipment. If you have professionals taking care of it on a regular basis, then it’s going to last longer, give you better service and have a higher trade-in value.
When you find the right IT services provider, their services are worth the money. They will stay on top of all the latest cyber threats so that you don’t have to worry about losing all your data to hackers. They’ll become a good technology partner who can help you make crucial decisions when it’s time to upgrade some of your equipment. That’s a valuable commodity for most business owners.


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