Top Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Forms in Your Business

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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Forms in Your Business

Microsoft Forms is an intuitive and savvy piece of software that allows you to create polls, surveys, and quizzes with a few button clicks. When you create one of these options, it is easy to invite others within the company to respond through mobile devices or a web browser. Office 365 users can build in analytics to quickly evaluate the responses as they are submitted then export them to Excel for further analysis. In addition to the software’s intuitive and easy-to-use functionality, there are multiple other reasons why you should use Microsoft Forms in your business, including:

Building Polls
Creating polls using Microsoft Forms is simple and can provide a slew of valuable information. These polls allow your company to obtain free product feedback which will help gain more understanding of the needs of your customers. Also, polls contribute to community building by creating personalized engagement with your consumers. Furthermore, when you showcase the results of the poll, you are creating additional content to add to the business website which will help with search engine rankings and drive additional traffic to your site. The result is a higher rate of conversion thus increasing sales.
Creating Surveys
Creating surveys with Microsoft Forms allows you to identify potential new customers and learn more about your existing customers. Surveys are an excellent tool for market research for real-time, actual consumer feedback. Part of that feedback from the form is to review and solve any business concerns called out by the consumers and identify new business opportunities that may arise. Often, consumers make suggestions in surveys that could drive new products or services for your organization.
Making Quizzes
Quizzes are an excellent function within Microsoft Forms to help increase email subscribers and can be included in thank you emails after a customer has purchased a product or service. Also, quizzes can be used for educational purposes and can turn leads into potential customers. Quizzes are great content when added to your company website which can increase traffic. Finally, the Google search algorithm loves case studies and whitepapers which are great for search engine rankings.
Since all Microsoft Office 365 applications follow compliance rules to secure data, Forms falls under that umbrella so you do not need to worry about ensuring compliance when creating polls, surveys, and quizzes that could contain sensitive information.
Like all Office 365 applications, the customization options are endless, and they can be embedded onto websites. The format you select can easily be modified or delete and the appearance changed to meet the needs of the situation.
Easy to Use
The process of creating polls, surveys, or quizzes is incredibly easy, regardless of your Microsoft savviness. It is as simple as a few clicks of the button to create the format to meet the needs of the situation and consumer.
Integration with Office 365
Since Microsoft Forms exists within the Office 365 suite of applications, all formats can be integrated into the other apps. This is beneficial when collaborating internally within the Teams environment to get real-time feedback from your colleagues.
Multiple Language Support
If English is not your first language or you are working cross-functionally with partners from other countries, the language can be changed within the browser language settings. Any formats created in Forms will change to that language.
Microsoft Forms is a useful and powerful tool that can easily create a survey, quiz, or poll. Any user with access to Office 365 can create these formats using a browser to collect and share data within an organization. Now that you have more information on the benefits of using this resource, different feedback formats can be implemented into your regular workload.

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