What You Need To Know About The End Of Windows 7 (Video/Infographic)

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What Do Buffalo & Western New York Organizations Need To Know About The Retirement Of Windows 7

It’s not hard to find PC users who have resisted the march of progress and stuck to Windows 7 amid numerous updates to newer operating systems. Windows 7 runs smoothly on most laptops and desktops, it has a friendly, clean interface that isn’t trying to imitate mobile operating systems, and, well, if it’s already installed on your PC, why not use it? Now that Microsoft has announced that the will no longer be supporting Windows 7, a lot of users may be left wondering what this means for them.
What Buffalo Organizations Need To KNow About The Retirement of Windows 7
Well, here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s not going to stop working. You can still use Windows 7 all you like, none of the apps and games you run on Windows 7 will be affected.
  • New software that runs on Windows 7 will become sparse. They don’t make new software to be compatible with Windows 95, so we’re probably looking at the last generation of Windows 7-compatible software over the next few years.
  • Microsoft will officially be ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020, which means you still have a year or so to consider upgrading your operating system as of the time of this writing.
  • The significant concerns regarding the lack of developer support are primarily related to security. Microsoft hasn’t given the platform mainstream support since 2015, the support that is still being offered right now is extended support, which relates mostly to keep the platform safe from hackers and malware. If you don’t plan to upgrade, you can always invest in top-notch security software… if you can find an antivirus program that still supports Windows 7.
  • Professionals should be more concerned than the rest of us. You can run a personal computer on outdated software, but it’s hard to promise that a customer’s data is safe when you’re storing it with an operating system that’s wide open to hackers and viruses due to a lack of developer support.
  • Microsoft was offering free upgrades in 2017, but if you waited too long to jump on the opportunity, you might have to pay for Windows 10. When they finally phase Windows 7 out, they may have some deals on offer, so it may be worth keeping an eye out. If you need to upgrade before then, look for Windows 7 support in Buffalo to get your system set up with a newer operating system.

Windows 10 has been the butt of some jokes, but truth be told, the real issue is just that we tend to get used to our operating systems, and it’s hard to warm up to the whole new layout of 10 when we’ve been using 7 for years. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you familiarize yourself with Windows 10, it’s hard to go back to the relatively limited features of Windows 7.


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