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Negotiation is one skill everyone needs in order to get more of what they want – to sell more, to keep costs down, to manage better, to strengthen relationships – To Win!
In his business bestseller, NEGOTIATE TO WIN, Jim Thomas shows you exactly how the best negotiators reach long-lasting positive solutions that build profits, performance, and relationships.
This indispensable guide covers all you’ll ever need to know about negotiating, including:

  • The 21 Rules of Successful Negotiating – And how to defend against them!
  • “Quickies” – Specific tips on how to successfully negotiate with bosses, children, car dealers, contractors, auto mechanics, and many others.
  • Why Americans are among the worst negotiators on Earth.
  • How to overcome your natural reluctance to bargain.
  • Why win-win negotiating is so vital.
  • How to thoroughly prepare for your negotiations.
  • How to deal with counterparts who intimidate or harass you.
  • How to negotiate ethically – And deal with those who don’t!
  • How to negotiate more successfully across cultural lines.
  • Thomas’s Truisms – 50 memorable negotiating maxims.

It includes the psychology of negotiating, historical illustrations, day-to-day applications, and much more.
NEGOTIATE TO WIN is a HarperCollins international bestseller in 13 languages.
About Jim
Negotiation Coach Jim Thomas
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Jim Thomas is a Washington, D.C. attorney, author, speaker, trainer, and one of the most acclaimed and respected negotiators in the U.S.
He is also the founder and President of Common Ground Seminars, Inc.
For the past 30 years, Jim’s law practice has focused exclusively on negotiating. His negotiating experience encompasses domestic and international business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, sales, purchasing and more for Fortune 500 companies as well as nonprofit groups, professional and trade associations and federal, state and local government agencies.
His seminars have become some of the leading negotiation training programs in the world. They are recipients of a number of ASTD and NAPM Awards for Excellence.
Jim is also the author of scores of articles about negotiating and a frequent guest on television and radio, a commentator for Fox News and MSNBC, and a popular speaker and trainer for corporate, government, trade, and professional groups.
An interesting side note: Jim was a member of the United States’ negotiating team in the successful Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) negotiations with the former Soviet Union. He also served on the United States’ WTO (formerly GATT) negotiating team.

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