Pros and Cons to Buying Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services

Are There Pros and Cons to Buying Managed IT Services?

There are pros and cons to just about any type of product or service because people—and businesses are all different. What works for one person may not work at all for another. We see that in everyday life. We all have a favorite car brand or our favorite type of food.
In the world of managed IT services, what you might consider a negative, some other business owner might think of as a positive. That’s why it’s important to understand how managed services work. But before you begin, ask yourself this question:
“What does my business need in the way of technology in order to succeed?”

Can We Customize Our Plan?

Of course, most providers can customize any service plan to meet your specific needs. For instance, you may need the provider to supply software programs like Office 365 and manage this software for you. Getting the right products and services is an important element and most managed IT service providers will work with you.
You shouldn’t have to pay for products and services that you don’t need or use. And that’s another important point. Look for an IT service provider who is interested in helping you get exactly what you need to succeed. You shouldn’t have to work with rigid companies that aren’t interested in customizing their services. Look for a company that will become a strategic partner along the way.

Is Your Technology An Expensive Headache?

Too often, business owners view their technology as an expensive burden. Instead, it should support your business goals and help you get where you’re going. With the right IT services, you can transform all your technology issues into tactical tools.
If you’ve been dealing with break/fix technicians or a one-man IT department, you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with having all the resources you need to excel in your industry.
When you find that one provider who is committed to working with businesses like yours and helping them face today’s challenges head-on, your whole operation can be streamlined. If you need to upgrade your software or hardware, they will be on top of that. If you’re ready to migrate to the cloud, their technicians can ensure that the process will go smoothly with very few interruptions to your workflow.
That’s how good team players work. They help business owners identify their most pressing business challenges and formulate a plan to turn those challenges into stepping stones and opportunities for growth.

Are There Any Specific Pros and Cons?

Well, we’ve gone over pros and cons in general but below we’ll take some common items that most people think of when working with a managed IT provider:
Pro: No need to hire and train IT staff.
Con: You won’t have in-house IT people for insignificant issues.
Solution: Hire one or two in-house IT team members for everyday issues like setting up workstations or fixing blue screens.
Pro: You don’t have to pay month-to-month charges relating to your IT infrastructure.
Con: You will have to pay anytime a technician has to come out and resolve an issue that your in-house staff could not handle.
Solution: Ask about a bundled package that includes all maintenance on your equipment. That way, you’ll never get a huge unexpected charge for repairs.
Pro: Predictable monthly budgeting can free up cash to spend on other equipment or new employees.
Con: The monthly fees can be expensed the same way you do any utility bill. This will change some IT expenses from CapEx to OpEx expenditures.
Solution: Be sure to check with your accountant.
Pro: You’ll have access to a wide range of IT expertise, so whatever comes up, you’re covered.
Con: There’s really no downside to having good, experienced help with your IT infrastructure.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Today’s business owners need the best technology they can afford and they want to understand how to make this technology work for them, not against them. But these solutions must be affordable. Every business has a budget.
They also need much tighter cyber security. The average small business simply doesn’t have strong enough Internet security to prevent an expensive cyber breach. And the hackers are finding all new and clever ways to penetrate your security perimeter. With a great managed IT service provider on your team, you’ll have the security you need to do business each day without worrying.
In most cases, managed IT services bring greater stability to your overall IT infrastructure. Your staff won’t experience as much downtime, your customers will receive better services and you won’t have as much stress. Technology innovations are a must for today’s growing businesses. By leveraging your technology, you can move ahead of the crowd and reach your business goals. That’s the bottom line.

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