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What Services Should You Be Getting From Your Buffalo IT Company?

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What Services Should You Be Getting From Your Buffalo IT Company?

Technology is evolving every day. You wake up, and there’s a better version of a program or application you have recently installed, and your systems are suddenly out-of-date. Who hasn’t upgraded their systems only to see a commercial of a way better system two days later? Most companies struggle to keep up with these everyday advances in technology.
It’s one thing for you to fail to keep your systems up to date, but it’s a different issue if your IT service provider that is on payroll fails to keep your systems up to date. Many fail to ask whether the IT company contracted to do the job is offering them the right IT services.

What Services Should You Expect From Your IT Services Provider?

  • Your IT Support Company Should Provide Proactive Network Monitoring & Infrastructure Management: Your network is essential in your business as it ties up everything together. IT integrates everything from sales to communication, and its malfunctioning will have disastrous effects on your business operation. Your IT support company should support it adequately.  Your IT support provider should provide you with experts in network monitoring to ensure that your business operations run smoothly and minimize disruptions. Your IT support provider should also offer you 24/7/365 remote network monitoring services to ensure you have immediate access to your data when you need it. This remote network monitoring allows them to control end-user data accessibility by limiting the people who access your data and what information they can access.
  • Your IT Support Should Deliver Highly Responsive Helpline Desk Support Services: Having a highly responsive helpline desk service is vital for any business. Your IT infrastructure may not always function as required, computers are bound to crash, programs may freeze, and you might even experience a cyber-attack. Due to these uncertainties, your IT support should provide you with a responsive helpdesk service that offers a fast way of resolving technical glitches in your systems. The IT company you consult with should also provide a proactive approach that will help minimize the number of technical malfunctions you experience. Your IT support should be familiar with the technical glitches you are likely to encounter and offer permanent solutions that will help your company eliminate downtime and increase productivity. They should also custom-design a helpline desk service plan that will help your company meet its goals. Your IT Service Provider Should Provide Cloud-based Computing Services: With technology rapidly evolving, moving to the cloud is one of the most crucial aspects of the modern workplace. With companies embracing business mobility, your IT company should provide you with cloud-based computing services. Current technology has made storing data in physical file cabinets a thing of the past. Not only is it an inefficient way of storing data but also a significant security risk.  Cloud-based computing offers the following benefits to your company:
    • You can remotely access your data anytime, anywhere, and using any device, therefore, improving productivity.
    • Your data security is improved.
    • Your IT costs are reduced as you eliminate the need for physical data storage equipment.
    • You get access to data backup and recovery solutions.

Your IT support provider company should manage and update your data on your cloud platform. They should also guarantee the security of your data by regulating interactions between cloud environments.

  • Your IT Service Provider Should Deliver Proactive 24/7/365 Remote IT Support: Regardless of your IT support’s geographical location, your company should expect 24/7/365 IT support. This 24/7/365 remote support is vital since your IT infrastructure may break down past business hours. This remote support will help technical glitches to be resolved faster and get things up and running.
  • Your IT Service Provider Should Deliver Communication Vendor Management: Whatever your communication needs are, your IT support company should be able to match those needs with the right communication vendor. Whether it’s a cloud-based service, VoIP telephony, or any other communication line, your IT company should be informed enough to recommend the right solutions partner and facilitate your company’s partnership with that vendor to ensure efficiency in your correspondence.
  • Your IT Support Provider Should Provide You Cyber-Security Services: With the increasing cases of cyber-attacks, security as a service is no longer optional. Your IT company should provide you with a range of cybersecurity services and solutions.  They should integrate and implement layered security measures such as antispam and antivirus software and firewalls to secure your IT infrastructure inside and out. They should also assess, audit, and upgrade your security systems frequently.
  • Your IT Support Provider Should Offer You Mobile Device Management Services: Your IT company should provide you with comprehensive protocols and platforms that will leverage your mobile devices. This should be done without exposing your company to security risks.
  • Your IT Company Should Deliver Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions: With your data already in the cloud, your support provider should ensure that it is adequately backed up. With a data backup system, you can quickly recover your data in case of a natural disaster. They should regularly update and test the integrity of this backed-up data. This sort of preparedness will also help reduce business disruption time.

Global Quest is here to help. With years of expertise and experience in offering IT solutions to businesses in Buffalo and Western New York, we are your trusted IT support company. We offer comprehensive IT solutions that will keep your business up to date with the latest technology.

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