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What Is SharePoint and Will It Help Businesses With IT Needs?

If you do not know what SharePoint is, we are here to tell you what it is and how it will benefit your organization.

According to Microsoft, SharePoint is a “cloud-based service that helps business, organizations, and individuals share and manage documents” that encourages:

  • Teams to work together seamlessly
  • The ability to find information quickly
  • Collaboration across the organization

SharePoint is a web-based platform that works with Microsoft Office. It was originally introduced in 2001 and has gone through updates and iterations since its launch. It is used primarily as a document management and storage system but is configurable to provide many different benefits.

In short, SharePoint is used for information storage, retrieval, researching, archiving, tracking, management, and reporting. SharePoint is often used to replace file servers and is typically used with an enterprise content management system.

SharePoint builds on the Microsoft SharePoint “foundation” in a variety of different product areas, including:

  • Sites: Including targeting, governance tools, secure store service, web analytics functionality
  • Communities: Personal profiles search tools, enterprise wikis, organization hierarchy browser and tags
  • Content: Improved compliance for document and record management, word automation services, content type management
  • Search: Better search results, search customization abilities and mobile searches, rich web indexing, and thumbnails and preview
  • Composites: Pre-built workflow templates and Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

How to Get SharePoint:

SharePoint is usually bundled in Microsoft 365 product subscriptions. It can be purchase without Microsoft 365. One of the benefits is that the user does not need their own server. Most organizations choose an IT provider to install, configure, migrate, and ensure the program is up and running properly so all appropriate team members have access 24/7.

Configuring and Customization SharePoint:

SharePoint is usually configured through a browser. The web-based user interface software offers the most configuration capabilities. Depending on permissions of the administrator they can:

  • Update content/site structure, modify navigation and security or add and remove apps
  • Enable or disable available product features
  • Upload designs/themes
  • Turn on integrations with other Office products
  • Configure computer workflows, view usage analytics, manage data, configure searches and
  • Upload custom information and utilities as needed

Why Use Outsourced Professional IT Support?

There are times when having an IT professional available is a preferred way to keep your computers safe, functional, and in perfect working condition. At Globalquest, we work with our customers to plan, educate, support, and manage their information technology. We are different than other IT providers because we offer complete IT services and pride ourselves on our quick responses, keen industry and IT knowledge, and quality service.

We will assess your corporate, organization, or individual needs and make sure that your computer performance meets your needs. As technologies change, we may recommend newer and more innovative solutions as they become available.

We help business with:

  • IT Security Systems
  • Back-up and Overall Business Continuity
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • IT Project Services
  • IT Managed Services and more

The team at Globalquest looks forward to helping you with SharePoint or any other IT need you may have. You can review our website to see a complete list of what we offer. For IT assistance you can contact us at 877-440-3061.

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