What Is A Suitable Response Time From Your Buffalo IT Company?

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There was a time not long when 24-48 hours was an acceptable time frame for responding to business inquiries and customer support questions. It used to be that many businesses didn’t have a website or virtual data storage. During those days, the companies that did have more intricate tech tools helping organize their business could cite “technical difficulties,” and people understood why things were sluggish or held up. That is not the case now. Even having a website or data issues for an hour can cause a serious lack of trust or lost business.
Today’s audience expects little-to-no downtime. People are wary of companies that don’t have their ducks in a row or may not have the kind of cybersecurity that would keep their data (social security numbers, credit card information, phone numbers) safe. If you want to build trust and grow your business, you need to have tech support that is always looking out for you and ready to assist.
Technical Difficulties Hurt Your Business
Every business needs reliable and responsive IT support services. When you are outsourcing your IT department, you don’t always have control over how quickly they answer the phone or get back to you. If you have a disaster or breach occur, you will be at the mercy of IT services until things are fixed. The biggest complaint we get from our clients is that their current IT is either overloaded, slow or unresponsive when they need assistance. Clients often don’t realize how slow their IT team will be until they experience a problem and have to wait for a solution.
Companies of every size are now relying on their technological tools and assets in nearly every aspect of the business. Getting products made, scheduling services, tracking customers, marketing to leads and providing customer support are all done with some form of technology. Websites, apps, software and cloud technology all keep a business operating smoothly. When there is a problem with the technology, the entire company is hindered and staff will be limited in what they can accomplish during that downtime.
You can’t afford to have slow tech support. If you are choosing a Buffalo IT company, you need to consider what you expect the response time to be carefully. You should know the average response time of your IT services company before an emergency occurs where you need them.
The Average Response Time of IT Companies
On average, an IT company will tell you they take 4 hours to respond. That is an industry standard in the tech world. But, four hours is still very slow and that is just when they are starting to respond to your problem! Getting back to you in four hours may mean hours more of getting the problem figured out and a fix in place. That might have been a good response time five years ago, but businesses today need a better response time.
It isn’t unreasonable for business owners to demand instant support responses from their IT team. At Buffalo Computer Help, we respond immediately—day or night. We’ve heard countless horror stories of business owners and managers that can’t get their IT company on the line for a big support problem. We’ve committed ourselves to offer the fastest response to our clients who need computer support and repair help.
Getting Tech Help After Hours
When you call most customer support lines these days, you will get an answering service—especially after hours. But at Buffalo Computer Help, we believe you should talk to a real person who can start working on your problem immediately. Our team answers the phone as soon as you call, even if that call comes in the middle of the night. You don’t know when disaster will strike, but you can know what to expect from your IT company.
A small tech problem can quickly become a larger one if it is not dealt with immediately. You should expect a response time of 10 minutes or less from your tech team. An IT professional should answer your call directly and start helping immediately—especially during business hours. If your tech team isn’t prepared to respond that quickly to your needs, then they aren’t keeping up-to-date with the requirements of your company.
IT is an Extension of Your Company
Just because you are outsourcing IT doesn’t mean you should have a less supportive department. A good IT service company is going to act as an extension of your company. We are partners with you in protecting and supporting your business. If you can’t rely on a response time that is as fast as possible, then you don’t have a tech group that is part of your team. Outsourcing IT should give you access to more than you would get with an in-house IT team, not less. If you use Buffalo Computer Help, you can rest assured that we will be a part of your team.
We are proud to support businesses in the Buffalo and Western New York areas! We guarantee the fastest response time possible. If you need an IT support company or want to change to a company that is available to help you, call us today!

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