Support Your Internal IT With Buffalo Co-Managed IT Services

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Is Your Internal IT Support in Buffalo Falling Behind?

Have you been calling an IT expert from time to time to fix outages in your company? Does your in-house IT team get overwhelmed in case of a big project? Are you unable to expand your business because your IT team cannot meet your expansion needs? Such scenarios come with the realization that your internal IT department is unable to cater for your business. This inability may be caused by the following:

  1. Your IT department is too small to handle new projects, business expansion, and accomplish tasks since it is overwhelmed by the workload.
  2. Your in-house team lacks the skill and experience needed to integrate and maintain new technology into your systems.
  3. The company is unable to upgrade its systems and purchase software licenses due to budgetary restrictions.

Technology is essential in any business, whether big or small. It is, therefore, important to have a reliable and efficient IT department. Any Buffalo-based business whose in-house team is unable to meet their technological needs should outsource from an IT consulting company in Buffalo.
Support Your Internal IT With Buffalo Co-Managed IT Services

Backing Up Your In-House IT Team With Co-Managed IT

Most managed service providers (MSPs) offer an all or nothing package. They mostly sign up with companies that want to outsource their entire IT operations. However, there has been an increase in companies that want a combination of both their in-house IT team and the external IT support, giving rise to co-managed IT services.
Co-managed IT support is an IT structure that enables a company to delegate its IT operations to a third-party organization. This arrangement permits the company to combine its in-house IT department with external support.
Just like you would evaluate the competencies of your staff before hiring them, it is also vital to assess an IT consulting company before outsourcing from them. You should consider the following factors when choosing an IT service provider:

  1. Location of the Firm: It is important to outsource from an IT consulting company that is as close to your business as possible. This way, in the case of a glitch that may require an expert on-site, the problem may not take as much time to be resolved.
  2. Level of Expertise of Their Staff: The IT team of the firm you choose should be highly skilled and qualified. They should show interest in career development and should be up to date with the latest technological advances. The firm should also provide proof of certification.
  3. Services Offered by the Firm: Are the services provided by the IT provider relevant for your business? Can they meet the needs of your business? Carry out an extensive analysis of your current systems and use this analysis to determine if the IT consulting company is a good fit.
  4. Cost of the Service: Choose a co-managed IT consulting service whose price is in line with your budget and one that offers flexibility in their payment options. This way, you won’t pay much more than you had intended. Get quotes from different IT firms and choose one that charges an amount you can comfortably pay.
  5. Their Portfolio: Get to know the companies that the firm has worked with, the projects they’ve executed, their reviews, and testimonials. This way, you can gauge the IT consulting company’s potential and access if they are a good fit for your company.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Little Extra Help From A Co-Managed IT?

  • The Productivity of Your Business Is Enhanced: A co-managed IT consulting company ensures that your systems are running seamlessly 24/7. They are tasked with establishing, monitoring, and maintaining your systems, therefore, ensuring that glitches are resolved as quickly as possible. This way, your company can maximize its production time.
  • A Decreased Workload on Your Employees: As a company, you may delegate some tasks such as network maintenance and data security to the co-managed IT consulting company. This delegation relieves the in-house team of some duties, therefore, reducing their workload.
  • You Get Stream-Lined Cloud-Based Services: With the rising demand for data accessibility, businesses have been forced to embrace cloud technology. The co-managed IT consulting company helps you move the data to the cloud, updates the data, and maintains the platform for the company. The use of cloud technology enables the company’s employees, partners, clients, shareholders, and the public to access your data anytime, anywhere, and using any device. This shift to the cloud helps the company lower costs by eliminating the need for physical storage infrastructure and maintenance staff.
  • Enhanced Data Security for Your Business: With the rise in cyber-attacks, it is no longer a question of if but when your company will be a victim of a data breach. Co-managed IT consulting companies take up this challenge by identifying system vulnerabilities, areas of risk, and creating vigilant solutions.
  • The Service Provides You With a High Level of Expertise: A co-managed IT consulting company gives you a team of experts with a broad range of skill sets. Their experience working with similar clients also comes in handy as they can easily access your systems and quickly implement solutions. They also offer a greater understanding of the programs that may work for your business and those that may not.
  • It Is a Cost-Effective Way of Acquiring IT Support: Outsourcing IT services from a co-managed IT consulting company is cheaper than hiring a full IT department.

Being up to date with technological advances is vital for any business looking to remain relevant and competitive. It is, therefore, essential to find an IT consulting company that will help you do just that.
With years of experience and immense expertise, Buffalo Computer Help has been serving businesses in Buffalo and Western New York.
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