The Managed Services Buyer’s Guide – Part 1

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What Are Today’s Hottest Managed IT Services?

In the world of Managed IT services, there are so many new services that can help your business succeed. And business owners simply don’t know about these or they don’t know how the service works. For instance, if you have a new start-up and not much cash, did you know you can take advantage of something called Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)? In this business model, the provider owns all the equipment and simply leases it back to their customer.

What is Hardware as a Service (HaaS)?

This is a great solution if you have very little start-up capital. New servers, computers, and networking equipment are pretty expensive. Sometimes a new business will try to buy the cheapest stuff available, thinking that down-the-road, they’ll upgrade to better equipment. Another alternative though is HAAS. With this service, your managed service provider is responsible for taking care of all the equipment. They will monitor and maintain it for you so basically you’re getting two valuable services.
With no big upfront purchases to make, you can spend your capital on inventory or marketing. This solution is really appealing to small and medium-sized companies and it’s something you should definitely look into.

How Do You Pay For This Managed Service?

Depending upon the terms of the SLA contract, there are generally two payment options:

  1. The payment gets incorporated into the fee structure for installation, monitoring and maintaining the equipment.
  2. The client will pay a monthly fee for using the hardware that includes everything.

If a server becomes outdated or breaks down, the managed service provider will take care of repairs or replacement. This takes quite a bit of stress off your plate, plus you’ll never have huge expensive repair bills for your IT infrastructure. When you choose the HaaS model, your employees will work with the most current hardware and software

What Technologies Work With Hardware-as-a-Service?

There are at least six different ways that HaaS can be used to get your business up and running quickly and affordably. These include:
Servers – File transfer equipment allows for instant file communication between two or more parties in a company. It’s quick and scalable. When leasing a server, either physical on-premises or virtual in the cloud, the file sharing occurs at faster speeds with HaaS.
Desktop & Laptops – Your employees need good, fast computers to run today’s big operating systems and programs. The provider will set you up with whatever computers and laptops you need and agree upon. They can help train employees on them as well. Even maintenance can be part of your service contract.
Switches and Routers – Computers use these devices to efficiently communicate and route data within your business and internet connected devices. To run at the best speeds, smart switches and routers are used to route traffic quickly to the correct device, user or private groups on your network. Your provider can help you select and configure everything.
Firewalls – Security threats are increasing so the best firewalls are highly recommended. Outdated firewalls can lead to compliance issues if you’re in a regulated industry. They need regular updates to remain effective and your MSP will take care of all that.
Storage Devices – There are shared and saved files, storage, and backups that must be secured. When your storage appliance runs out of data storing space, that’s when networks or computers grind to a sceeching halt. When deploying a storage appliance with your managed service provider, your business needs are analyzed and storage space is scalable and optimized to meet your needs.

What About Virtualization Technology?

Many businesses today are asking about virtualization technology. What is it? How does it work? For a monthly fee, you can virtualize your desktops and servers to run on hosted or hardware provided by your managed service provider. You won’t need to purchase or install new computers for your network but can utilize less expensive local clients or simply connect remotely to your desktops. You can operate multiple virtual machines or operating systems on the equipment you already own with software that allows your desktops and servers to be easily portable to new hardware or cloud environments.
Though a virtual system does not perform as well as an operating system running on real hardware, in many cases, applications don’t really need this to run well. The concept of virtualization is evolving to include more than just servers. Today, it can be used on networks, applications, desktops and data.

Find Out If Managed IT Services Are Right for Your Business

There are lots of benefits to new technologies like HaaS and Virtualization. If you think your business could profit, then contact us. The best way to find out if something will work for your operation is simply to learn all about it. Ask questions. Have a discussion with one of the IT consultants at Buffalo Computer Help. We’ll fill you in on the details and help you make good choices about the right technology for your company.


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