Are You Getting TRACTION With The Right Buffalo IT Support?

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Gino Wickman Traction
As business leaders in Western New York (or anywhere in the world) we all face the same frustrations – personnel conflicts, profitability concerns, and inadequate growth.
And sometimes, we’re so busy that decisions don’t get made or they’re not implemented correctly.
The same goes for your technology…
We all get busy and put things off. But when you do this with your IT, you’ll end up wasting time, manpower, and money when you can’t access your data or it’s stolen by a hacker.

What’s The TRACTION EOS System?

Based on years of real-world implementation in more than 100 organizations, the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) that author Gino Wickman discusses in TRACTION is a practical method for achieving business success.
He identifies 6 key components of an organization and how to strengthen them.

  1. Vision
  2. People
  3. Data
  4. Issues
  5. Process
  6. Traction

In TRACTION, you’ll learn the secrets to strengthening the 6 key components, and powerful ways to run your company that will give you and your leadership the focus you need.
Wickman believes that you can use the EOS to turn your business around, break through to the next level, and finally get control of it.
He says that when we apply the principles in TRACTION, we can expect to have a profitable, frustration-free business.

Are You Getting The TRACTION You Need From Your Buffalo IT Support?

For your IT to function properly, it needs steady support. Without the right ongoing service to keep it running reliably and securely, you’re setting your business up for serious downtime and possibly liabilities due to stolen or lost confidential data.
Having a secure, reliable network is no longer an option when trying to run today’s digital-based organizations. Up-to-date hardware, software, and security solutions are now essential in your day-to-day operations.

12 Must-Ask Questions For Your Buffalo IT Company To Ensure You’re Getting The Support You Require

Do you have experience working in our industry?
Make sure they have knowledge about what you do, the roles your people play and how they can best use IT to meet your business needs. Industry experience is key. Not every industry has the same needs as yours. In fact, technologies and best practices vary greatly by industry.
If they’re not experienced working with businesses in your industry, they’re probably not the right company for you. Look for an IT provider who specializes in the services you require, and who has the knowledge and experience to promote your success through cost-effective, reliable and secure technologies. Also, ensure that they can support the applications you use in your day-to-day operations.
Can you provide quality references?
If they can’t provide references, testimonials, case studies, and endorsement letters, look elsewhere. They should also offer contact information for some of the clients they serve so you can speak with them directly to learn how satisfied they are with the services they receive.
Do you have experience with Disaster Recovery?
Many of today’s business owners consider cyber attacks to be the biggest threat they face, yet few consider the disastrous impact data loss can have. In the event your data is lost or destroyed due to human or technology error, you need the assurance that your IT provider can guarantee that it can be recovered.
Ask the IT support company about their experience with disaster recovery and data backup to ensure you’re covered. If they don’t provide cloud backup and recovery, they’re behind the times. Cloud backup ensures that you never have to worry about damaged servers or infrastructure ruining your business.
What is your availability after-hours?
Be clear about your expectations for after-hours service before you hire an IT support company. Your business may need their services at the most inconvenient times. There’s no way you can prevent a server or computer from crashing after-hours or on the weekend. Therefore, you need an IT support company that’s available both on nights and weekends. They should provide. 24/7 unlimited support.
Will a person answer the phone when we call, or will we hear a recorded message?
You need an IT provider who you can talk to when you call. Someone who will be there for anything regarding your IT, not just when things go wrong. Plus, they should stay in touch with you and meet with you regularly to make sure everything is working to your satisfaction.
How long is the contract you’re offering? Can you be flexible on this? Do you provide a written guarantee and back up your work?
If they only offer contracts for two years or more, you should look for another provider. This could be a sign that they want to lock you into a contract because they know they might not be able to serve you the way they should.
Be sure to ask about shorter contracts so you can choose another provider if they don’t meet your needs. If they don’t provide a written guarantee for the work they promise, don’t work with them. Also, ask if they provide something for free if they don’t honor their guarantee (like free services for a period of time).
Do you document the work you do on a network?
Ask them to show you how they do this and the documentation tools they use.
They should also provide you monthly reports showing all the work they performed, along with any incidents, security or otherwise, that occurred.
Do you have partnerships with the devices and services we use?
(Microsoft, Apple, Lexus Nexus, Cisco, Dell, etc.) If they do, they’ll provide best-in-class business service and support for technology solutions that will benefit your organization in the form of cost savings, increased productivity, and a competitive advantage.
How much experience does your team have?
Even if they are a new company, they should employ professionals with long-term experience in IT support and service. You deserve a dedicated team of technicians with many years of experience who understand your business needs.
Is Cyber Security a top priority?
The right IT company will proactively divert cyber threats and constantly safeguard your systems using a multi-layered, aggressive approach. Don’t hesitate to ask about their security services and how they will keep your wired and wireless networks safe. Do they offer:

  • Email & Network Security?
  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessments?
  • Data Backups, Virtualization, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery?

Do you provide preventive IT services to catch and repair issues before they occur?
Your IT company should perform ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your system. Plus, they should provide a comprehensive selection of services, including:

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud-Based File Sharing
  • Cloud & Mobility Services
  • CIO Services
  • Microsoft Office 365

Do you provide strategic IT planning services?
Can they answer all of your questions and educate you about your IT system so you can decide what services or products you need? Can they strategize, plan and implement technology so you get the best return on your investment? As a knowledgeable, experienced IT MSP they should be able to help you prioritize your needs, and implement an effective strategy. Plus they should help you put recommendations into place in actionable steps to reach your target goals.

Get The IT TRACTION Your Business Needs From Buffalo Computer Help

Business IT needs are rapidly changing due to increased demands for providers like Buffalo Computer Help who monitor and maintain your IT system, rather than just fixing things when they go down. With this, you’ll have the knowledge that all of your IT requirements will get the TRACTION you need!
For more information or a free consult about your IT requirements, contact the team at Buffalo Computer Help in Buffalo, NY.

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