Is Your Buffalo Computer Company Updating & Patching Your Systems?

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One of the most important ways Buffalo companies can keep their systems and data protected is to regularly update their software and hardware. manufacturers regularly release updates to fix security vulnerabilities, respond to new threats and keep cybercriminals at bay.

For too many companies, however, the patching and updating are not always top-of-mind. With overstretched or non-existent internal IT teams, companies fail to install these updates in a timely manner, if at all. For every minute, day or week that goes by without these software updates and security patches in place, they’re leaving their companies vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Why Are Software Patches and Updates So Important?
Keeping your data protected is one of the most important IT tasks a company can undertake. Here’s why:

  • Fixing Flaws. Software vulnerabilities are a hacker’s dream. Cyberattackers exploit security holes or weaknesses in software and operating systems as a way to gain access. Often, hackers will write a piece of computer code and embed it into malware. Users can unwittingly infect computers and systems by opening a fake email, downloading a file, clicking on media or even just visiting a website. Software patches are frequently a part of updates issued by a manufacturer.
  • Protecting Data. Your computers and servers are full of sensitive information, including intellectual property, financial records and personal data on employees and customers. Companies have ethical and regulatory obligations to keep this data protected. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, U.S. companies on average incurred $7.9 million in expenses per breach.
  • Improving Software. Beyond providing critical security advances, software updates remove bugs and glitches that can slow operations. They also include new features and functionality that improve capabilities and operability.

How Do Buffalo Businesses Ensure Updating and Patching Gets Done?
Companies with small or no internal IT staffs often turn to managed IT services for IT security. With managed IT from a trusted Buffalo computer company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that patches and updates are installed automatically. These adjustments usually run in the background, meaning there will be little to no disruption to operations while your managed IT services company delivers your updates.
At Buffalo Computer Help, we provide solutions that keep data protected and secure, all for one predictable monthly fee. Our updating and patching processes deliver you the needed upgrades and are part of a suite of IT security services that include:

  • Network and email service analysis that identifies vulnerabilities
  • Next-generation firewalls that detect, quarantine and contain threats to your network perimeter
  • Anti-virus programs for computers, servers and other devices connected to the network
  • Anti-spam tools that prevent unwanted email from clogging up inboxes and exposing users to threats
  • User authentication that ensures that only those who should be connected to your network are given permission to do so
  • Remote monitoring that guards against intrusions and flags unusual activity
  • Regular, automated cloud backups of your data in bicoastal data centers that allow for fast and easy recovery in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack
  • Image backups of your operating systems, applications, users and settings
  • Virtualization tools to use when on-site computers are unusable, giving you access to systems via the cloud that can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer
  • IT consulting to help your company leverage cloud technology to address security, operational and strategic challenges

Patching and updating are an important part of your IT security strategy. For more insights in how to keep your business secure, download our 17 Ways to Keep Your Business IT Secure.
Buffalo Computer Help is Western New York’s leading IT solutions company for small- and medium-sized businesses. To learn more about keeping your IT secure, contact us today.


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