What Benefits Can We Expect When Outsourcing Our IT Services?

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With your company growing, increasing technology demands can overload your IT department. And when you need to implement new projects, your IT department may have to work overtime. This is not only expensive when you have to pay them for overtime, but overworked techs can make mistakes that cost you even more.
Hiring additional techs costs too much, not only in salaries but for benefits, sick leave and vacation time. So, what’s the answer? Many businesses are choosing to get IT help via outsourcing some or all of their services.

What Are The Benefits To Co-Managed IT Support?

An outsourced tech will work with your team to map out who should provide what and the services that are critical to your company’s success. You can benefit from proactive IT administration for things like maintenance, monitoring, help desk services, account management and more.
Your in-house tech team will have the additional support they need to optimize IT performance and accomplish their tasks efficiently. It’s a solution that offers numerous benefits.
Your managed service tech will work with your existing in-house IT team to create a single comprehensive, effective IT operation. Your IT workers won’t be replaced. They’ll just receive the help they need to achieve your goals.
This approach considers the combined skill sets of your team and another IT professional. You can augment your IT staffing on many different levels and maximize all capabilities.
You stay in control of your IT strategy while leveraging the experience and skills that another IT professional can provide. If your needs change along the way, you can add an additional tech, or cancel this service at any time.

What If We Want to Outsource All Our IT Work?

Business growth in today’s technology-enabled environment requires the best and brightest minds. In addition to the latest IT tools and equipment, you need specialized people who can monitor and maintain all this.
The art of modern business management involves recognizing the point at which upscaling will become necessary. Timely scaling enables management to maximize its response to growth opportunities, stabilize customer service quality through growth phases, and sustain long-term business success. Though most business owners agree that this is a good problem, it’s still a problem.
New start-ups today are taking off right away. Within a few years, they’ve expanded to many times their original size. That’s great news for most companies. But an increase in sales and operations requires more staffing, networking equipment, computers, servers and even software. This can catch many business owners off balance and they may struggle with how to properly upscale their operations. Outsourcing the IT work is the perfect solution. The organization can benefit in many ways. Below are just a few:
Improved IT Management-When your IT department has difficulty keeping up with their daily duties, then outside help is the perfect solution. This frees up your IT staff to focus on higher priority objectives to improve the efficiency of your operations. Your important projects will get completed on time without so many computer glitches and network issues.
Controlled IT Costs & Predictable Budgeting-With an IT department to fund, you don’t need to worry about surprise invoices. You’ll have the extra services you need at an affordable monthly rate that makes for easy budgeting.
Project Support-There may be times when your business has a special IT project coming up that requires extra personnel or specialized knowledge. You may be ready to migrate to cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365. You’ll have access to support and IT capabilities that can provide the technical help you need for special projects.
Proactive & Responsive IT Management-You’ll have a responsive team who can handle requests and incidents quickly and provide the results your business needs. They’ll implement a solution that can help detect issues and remediate them before they cause downtime.
IT Security Support-As your business grows, your cybersecurity requirements do as well. You need up-to-date IT security solutions to prevent intrusions or data theft. Your managed service provider can set up an enterprise-level security platform with next-generation firewalls, data leak prevention, intrusion detection, encryption, dark web monitoring, two-factor authentication, single sign-on solutions, and Security Awareness Training for your staff.
Independent IT Audits– All companies can benefit from independent reviews of their IT infrastructure. With independent auditing of your network, you’re much more likely to catch and resolve issues that could cause major problems. Businesses do often have weak areas such as aging technology, programs that haven’t been updated and patched, and other issues like this.

Are You Ready to Grow?

Whether you just need an extra hand or two or you’re ready to outsource all your IT management, a managed IT service provider can be a great way to go. They’ll work with you to elevate your business to the next level, while maintaining the same level of customer service, security and workflow for employees.


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