What IT Services Can Managed Services Provide?

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These days, businesses are doing everything possible to remain competitive. And having the right technology is definitely important. Whether you run a large law firm or a small manufacturing plant, you need the best hardware and software to succeed these days. But can you afford the best? Hardware and software is expensive these days. Business owners are searching for lower cost alternatives and managed IT services are a good option.

Why Are So Many Companies Outsourcing Their IT Services?

That’s a good question and it has some very meaningful answers. For one thing, well-trained IT people now require big salaries. They want bonuses, benefits, insurance and vacation time. If they decide to move on to another job, this can leave your business in a bad place. When you outsource, you always have the best and brightest IT people working on your equipment. Many of them are certified in all the well-known systems.

You get the benefit of years of training and experience, plus the fact that they have up-to-date certifications for all the popular IT equipment. To tell the truth, most mid-sized businesses simply cannot afford the salaries of IT technicians with these certifications. A recent white paper gives you an idea of what you’d have to pay for IT employees like this:

  • A Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect earns about $139,529 per year.
  • A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) working in Server Infrastructure earns $121,288 annually.
  • A Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) working in Routing and Switching earns $106,957.
  • An AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) earns about $132,840 each year.
  • An employee with certification in CompTIA Security+ earns $110,321 per year.

What’s the Alternative?

How would you like to get employees of this caliber for one monthly fee? When you have IT techs with this much training and experience, it really does make a difference in your IT infrastructure’s performance. Your whole operation can be streamlined, plus these employees stay up-to-date on cyber security threats. If you can avoid a data breach, then you can save yourself a lot of stress, money, time and damage to your reputation.

And when you outsource to a reliable managed services provider, you get all this and more. But let’s get back to the question of what types of services IT managed companies can provide. This depends a lot on what MSP you work with. Some are small outfits with only a few employees; others are large companies that employ the best talent in the industry. The larger managed service providers tend to offer a wider range of services, but all of them can monitor and maintain your hardware and software.

How Can IT Consulting Help?

Most MSPs can help you with software purchases or leases and they’ll recommend products that are a good fit for your business. There are over 10 different Office 365 Plans that can be mixed and matched to save money. When was the last time your server went down? Was your staff at a loss for what to do while it was being fixed? Did you know that Office 365 SharePoint can help eliminate downtime?

By moving your environment to Office 365, you immediately eliminate the problems with out-of-date software, remote file access, server downtime, and more. Little tips like this can be invaluable for business owners. And it’s impossible for anyone to know all these different areas of IT infrastructure.

For instance, managed hosting and storage can eliminate some regular costs you may be paying. And there are lots of areas where this is true.

What Other IT Services Are Available?

We haven’t even discussed the latest cloud technology, cyber threats, or whether you should be using encryption for all emails. No business owner can be expected to know about all these technology-related questions. That’s why managed IT service companies exist. For one monthly, predictable fee, you can have any or all of this taken care of by a reliable IT partner.

There’s a lot more to IT infrastructure these days than the average person realizes. And that’s why so many companies are choosing to outsource. They want the best hardware, software, cloud technology, security, and other IT products and services. But budgeting for all this is a different story.

If you’re considering working with an MSP, then start by deciding exactly what services would be of greatest benefit, then get prices for these services from several different providers. Most providers offer their services in bundled packages. You can get more for your money when you choose this option. Make sure your service level agreement allows you to scale up or down as needed. Many companies have a slow and a hectic season throughout the year. So flexibility is an important commodity.

These are just a few of the things to think about when talking to a managed IT service provider. There’s a whole more but this is a good starting place.


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