What Types of Services Can We Get Through Managed IT Companies?

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Many companies are making the leap to managed IT services. And there are lots of reasons to do that. You can stop stressing over your IT infrastructure and get back to running your company. You won’t need to hire a bunch of big salaried Tech gurus. You’ll always have the best technology to work with. There’s a lot more.
One question we often get is: “What types of managed services can you provide for our business?”
Actually, there are quite a few. Let’s start with the most common managed services and go from there.
Managed Networks & Infrastructure: You can eliminate the cost of owning and operating a data center. Plus, you’ll have skilled professionals to handle things. These are people with good training, experience and often certifications in Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Google and others.
Managed Security: A recent study finds that most companies don’t have strong enough cyber security measures in place. They could very easily be breached by hackers any day of the week. Managed security can even include things like training your employees correctly so they won’t fall for phishing scams.
Managed Communication Services: You can get all types of managed communication services these days. Most of the big guys are moving to cloud-based delivery. This gives their customers the ability to work from anywhere on any device. Most give you the choice of having hardware on your premises or accessing PBX that’s hosted by the provider or a third party. Now employees can work anytime, anywhere, which isn’t always a good thing but it is convenient.
Managed Wireless & Mobile Computing: Get secure connectivity, wireless network monitoring, and mobile device management. Today’s advanced solutions make it possible to deploy mobile computing-optimized networks that can support your enterprise applications inside a building, between buildings, or across the country.
Managed Print Services: Businesses are still using printers and scanners on a daily basis and many have realized how much time and money it requires to keep everything running well. Now you can leave the worry of maintenance, ordering paper, toner, and ink to someone else.
Managed Support Services: There are many types of support available today. Get 24/7 Help Desk support, Tiered Support, remote and onsite support. Whatever your company needs to get the work done each day, your managed IT provider can give you.
Data Analytics: Organize and visualize big data to develop campaigns, improve customer satisfaction rates, and increase ROI with data analytics. Companies are able to respond faster to consumer trends.
Managed Cloud Infrastructure: If you’ve decided to move to the cloud, then you’ve realized by now that somebody has to manage it. Will you hire a group of IT gurus for the job or outsource it? Most business operations are already too hectic and complex, so they’re opting to allow a managed service provider to handle things. Your MSP can manage all networks, storage, computing, operating systems and even the complex tools that run on top of your infrastructure.

Can You Afford a Dedicated Team of IT Specialists?

Small and mid-sized companies simply cannot hire a highly experienced team of IT techs. It’s expensive plus it’s hard to find just the right people for the job. By the time you factor in expenses like vacation pay, bonuses, insurance, and a 401k plan, it’s just too much.
Your in-house IT department can get lax at times. They may just sit around drinking coffee and playing games all day for all you know. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you were paying top salaries for great IT pros only to find that they weren’t even patching your applications regularly? This actually happened at Experian and was found to be the main cause of their data breach last year.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Services?

Most businesses say that outsourcing saves time and money. It relieves stress and allows the managers to get their work done each day. In addition to that, there are these advantages:
Predictable Costs: An outsourced IT department is available around-the-clock for one monthly flat rate.
Comprehensive Solutions: Your provider can help you streamline your business operations with a complete range of dynamic IT solutions. You’ll reap benefits like a more productive staff, cost-effective IT solutions, and a more cohesive work environment.
IT Stability: Get expert engineers, professional assets and a process for delivering best practices in a consistent manner. This helps you achieve a reliable and effective IT environment that makes it easy for your employees to get more done with fewer resources.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Your business can benefit from having the best technology and it really is a desirable solution especially when you can get the services you need that fit within your budget. Managed IT services will bring greater stability to your IT infrastructure. Your equipment will perform better and last longer.


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