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Globalquest Solutions is ready to help YOUR non-profit organization take its technology to the next level with higher mobility and better support.

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Leadership & Strategy to Help You Get More for Less From Your Technology

Non-profit organizations like yours work just as hard as any other business in Buffalo, and they have to do it with a tighter budget. Globalquest Solutions understands your need for information technology that stretches out your budget dollars and also makes it easier to get work done, and we’re here to help.

Leadership: We act as your virtual Chief Information Officer, working with you to make an IT plan focused on YOUR needs and YOUR budget, so you can take advantage of innovative technology while saving money and watching the bottom line. We’ll also discuss taking advantage of government programs to stretch your budget dollars and make them count.

Mobility: Many non-profits need to work outside the office just as much as inside it. We’ll help you leverage mobile cloud technologies to make it easy to share applications and records with team members in the field, and to collaborate with sister organizations on the same projects and donor lists.

Strategy: It’s not just about having good quality technology that doesn’t break the bank – it’s about USING that technology effectively. Our consulting services help you understand the options your technology presents for saving time and money and for working more efficiently, such as using cloud technology to work remotely and avoid the need for a central office.


We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business.

We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business. Contact Globalquest Solutions today to learn more about what we can do to help you pursue your goals.

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