Are You Backing Up Your Data Correctly?

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We know it’s important to have good habits in most areas of our lives, from work to play. However, quite a few of us forget that we need to have good computer habits. Developing wise practices in connection with our computers and smartphones can make our lives much easier and help us to stay safer on the internet. Plus, it doesn’t take as much time as you might think. Once you develop these good habits, it will become second nature to you.

How Important Are Your Files?

One thing that many people fail to do is back up their files on a regular basis. Just think about the last time you made copies of all your important documents. What if the worst happens and your computer crashes tonight? What if you’re unable to recover all your files?
All it takes is one catastrophic computer crash and days or even months of work can be lost. Priceless family photos, fun videos with friends, key work files, and important school assignments that were a work-in-progress can be lost.
Backing up your files isn’t difficult nor is it expensive. And there are numerous options available from cloud-based backups (such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or DropBox), convenient USB thumb drives, portable hard drives, and even specialized back-up drives.

How Often Should You Back Up Your Files?

This depends on the type of work you do. Business owners should have their database backed up several times per day. But individuals could get away with doing this on a monthly basis. If you’re a lawyer, doctor, writer or in some industry where you have a lot of important documents, then you should be backing up your data at least several times per week. A good practice is to make sure your files are backed up daily. Occasionally you’ll forget or simply not have time but even then, you’ll have a fairly current copy of all your documents and files.

Do You Know The Importance Of Backing Up Your Data?

By now, all business owners should be aware of how important it is to perform regular data backups. Your vital documents could be destroyed in any number of ways. Someone could break into your business and steal all your computers. A strong wind could blow the roof off your building. These events happen to everyone, even regular individuals. We all have important emails, docs, and photos that we would hate losing.

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You’re one of those cautious people who makes regular backups of your computer and phone. Then one day, your laptop is stolen at the airport. You panic! When was the last time you backed up your files? Oh no! You’ve been so busy. You haven’t made a backup in several weeks. Everything you’ve created during that time will be lost. At least most of your data will be saved though.
After purchasing a new computer, you sit down to install all your old files. And then, the nightmare begins. Your backups are no good. They don’t work. Your external hard drive got damaged somehow. Maybe you can find a thumb drive with all the files on it. You do eventually find a thumb drive that’s only a couple of months old. But you lose quite a bit of work and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s gone.
Now imagine you’re a business owner and this same scenario unfolds. This is not just inconvenient or disappointing. It’s devastating. You could lose thousands of customer transactions. You could lose important contracts. What will you tell your customers?

Could This Happen To Your Company?

Unfortunately, things like this happen more than you might think. Your IT department makes backups daily. Then one day, an employee opens an email that contains a malware virus. All your data is destroyed within moments. You rush to the IT department, confident that everything can be restored within a few days. But when the IT guy tries to reinstall your database, something goes wrong. The backup won’t work! When an individual loses all their data, it can be heartbreaking. But when a business owner loses all their data, it can end in bankruptcy.
When it comes to business, you not only need a backup of the data, but you will also need a way to quickly virtualize the backup image locally and off-site in the event of a disaster. Especially when it comes to critical data like a server or a special user. These are complex issues that business owners often leave to their IT department, but you can’t always be certain they’re doing everything by the book.

Do You Depend on Technology Too Much?

We all think that technology will work for us—it will save the day. But sometimes, it just doesn’t work the way it should. The only way to prevent a major loss of data is to:

  1. Make daily backups
  2. Check your backups to make sure they work

When it comes to business records, you can’t be too safe. It should be company policy to not only perform the backups but test them as well. This is something that all IT professionals should know and do without being told. A reliable managed IT service provider won’t take any risks with your data. They understand how important it is. That’s their job after all.

Should You Use The Cloud?

If you’re using the cloud to back up your data, this can be a safe and reliable way to make sure that your database will be there when you need it. The cloud is also more secure than some other forms of storage. Working in the cloud lets you assign and monitor tasks, get metrics from your applications, and manage your configurations in single, easy-to-understand screens. Using a centralized cloud-based location means less time going back and forth with your team to learn about the progress of specific projects. There are many good reasons to choose the cloud.

Do You Need Some Expert Assistance?

Your managed IT provider can manage, monitor and maintain a cloud-based Infrastructure easier. They will often see issues and resolve them before they cause trouble. This means fewer interruptions to your business operations and less downtime. With the cloud, your firm will benefit from a shorter time-to-market because your people and processes are simply more efficient. Everyone needs to save time and money.
Using the cloud to back up your data might be the right choice for your business. Talk to your IT department or your managed services provider to get more information about this important topic.


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