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Cloud Migration Strategies for Dealerships: The Simple Path to a Cloud-Only Environment

Cloud Migration Strategies for Dealerships
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Cloud Migration Strategies for Dealerships:

It's quite common to encounter dealerships that store the majority of their data on a solitary computer, mistaking it for a 'server'. This precarious setup leaves them a step away from potential data disasters due to crashes or malicious encryption.

Given that numerous dealership applications have already transitioned to the cloud, it begs the question: why are files still lingering on desktops?

The reality is many dealerships simply aren't aware of the risks they're taking, largely due to a lack of proper advice from their IT providers. Implementing cloud migration strategies for dealerships is essential to secure their network and ensure data resilience.

Ways to Move Your Data (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Exploring cloud migration strategies for dealerships reveals numerous cost-effective options for secure data transfer to the cloud.

Take, for example, a dealership with an existing cloud-based setup. Documents can be seamlessly migrated to SharePoint, enabling local desktop access and cloud synchronization for broader user accessibility.

For dealerships operating with servers housing applications and files, transitioning to Azure or a similar cloud service provider is a strategic move. This shift not only optimizes physical space within the dealership but also guarantees that essential files are accessible to the right team members on demand.

Gone are the days of waiting for a team member, like Susan from HR, to power up her computer for file access...."

Your Next Steps

If your dealership is grappling with the challenges of mismanaged technology, our expertise lies in enhancing tech environments through tailored cloud migration strategies for dealerships.

Connect with us today, and we’ll gladly visit for an on-site network evaluation to get your technology on track!

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