Who Provides Computer Help Near Me?

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If you’re a small business owner or executive looking for reliable, comprehensive computer support, you want a partner that can address all your IT needs.
At Buffalo Computer Help, the leading technical support company in Western New York, we pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and providing solutions that are affordable, practical and reliable.
What Computer Services Are Available Near Me?
Many businesses are unaware of the scope of computer IT services that a local technology support company can provide to area businesses. Buffalo Computer Help offers a complete set of services that address the complex and diverse needs of area businesses, including:

  • Computer installation, configuration and upgrades
  • Wired and wireless network design and installation
  • Local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and WiFi hotspot installation and service
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud hosting solutions
  • Virtual chief information officer advising and consulting
  • Connectivity and collaboration system development
  • Managed and hosted services
  • Hardware and software vendor management
  • Remote system and network monitoring
  • Remote and onsite user support
  • IT project management

With a trusted partner like Buffalo Computer Help, your company will have the support it needs for day-to-day IT work and more complex solutions.
How Can Computer Support Improve Network Performance?
When your network isn’t working properly everything slows down. Applications take longer to load, computers and network access crashes, work is lost. Customers can’t access your website or send you emails. Business is lost.
With a thorough evaluation of your network and its performance, Buffalo Computer Help can recommend improvements to your network’s configuration, from the location of network nodes and WiFi hot sports to cabling and software integration. We’ll install the necessary components, ensure that everything is operating correctly and train your team on the new technologies. What’s more, we’ll provide 24/7 monitoring of system performance in order to make adjustments to keep the network operating at top levels.
Can I Do More to Keep Computers Protected from Cyberattacks?
Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly prone to cyber attacks. Some of these attacks are designed to steal valuable information about your company or your customers. Other attacks hold your website and systems hostage until a ransom is paid. Both types of attacks are costly, unsettling and can hurt your business’ bottom line and reputation.
You need a comprehensive solution to keep your systems, applications, users and devices protected. We can recommend the right next-generation tool to give your network’s perimeter the protection necessary. Our monitoring tools will detect unusual activity, contain it and address it. We help stop attacks early before major damage can be done.
In addition, we provide solutions that provide your users and their devices with anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-malware protection. Often intrusions are made through seemingly innocent mistakes by network users who open an email or click on a link that starts an attack in motion. We can help with education to your employees to be sure they don’t mistakenly cause a problem.
Are There New Technologies My Company Should Consider?
There are so many new and innovative technologies that have transformed business. Automation, the Internet of Things and virtualization have all transformed businesses and disrupted industries. Buffalo Computer Help can be your virtual chief information officer, drawing on our industry and product knowledge to make recommendations on adopting new technology. Innovative tools can help your team perform better, reach more customers, provide better service, and differentiate your company from your competitors.
Can I Get Computers Repaired Remotely or Onsite?
Many common problems with computer hardware and software do not require a visit to the store. Our experienced technicians can help your employees solve problems remotely and quickly.
How Can I Get Help With Special Projects?
Day-to-day maintenance is an important part of any computer services agreement. But there are other projects that require a plan, process and support to execute. Here is a list of a few of the projects we can assist your company with:

  • Office relocation
  • System integration
  • Operating system migration or upgrading
  • New equipment installation
  • Server repairs or upgrades
  • Coverage for absent IT staff
  • Rewiring, including server rooms
  • Compliance audits for industry or government regulatory requirements

Every company has its unique technology issues and needs. At Buffalo Computer Help, we have the expertise, experience and capacity to provide you with the solutions that solve problems and drive your business forward. To learn more about how computer services, contact us.


We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business.

We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business. Contact Globalquest today to learn more about what we can do to help you pursue your goals.

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