Is Your Western New York IT Company Really an Expert on Data Backup?

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Business disaster can hit in a moment in the form of fires, high winds, flooding — or simply an employee who unwittingly clicks a phishing email and opens your organization up to an attack by cybercriminals. This level of disaster does not allow your team the luxury of time to plan a quick backup and perhaps knock together some disaster recovery steps. If your business is not ready when disaster hits, you could easily become a statistic . . . and with more than 90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan unable to recover within a year according to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, the statistics are not good. It is crucial that you work with a western New York IT company that deeply understands backup and data recovery procedures in order to protect your business from these dangers.

What Type of Disasters Would a Data Backup Plan Cover?

Natural disasters still need to be the forefront of your mind, as there’s been a marked increase in the number of natural disasters around the world since the 1970s. This trend seems to be increasing. Between 2000-2009, there were approximately three times as many natural disasters as there were between the years of 1980 and 1989. The economic impact of these disasters exceeded this threshold significantly. Your business has to be prepared for natural disasters such as hurricanes, high winds and excessive rain or even fire. Businesses that have proper business continuity and disaster recovery planning are better able to survive this type of event.
Cybersecurity is the other key consideration when you are discussing data backup, as malware such as ransomware is rampant throughout the business community. Your data is a prime target for cybercriminals, as it provides an attractive and relatively inexpensive way to drain value from your business. Actions as simple as clicking the wrong link in an email or sharing passwords can open your business up to liabilities and potential disasters from attentive hackers.

What Are the Benefits of a Comprehensive Data Backup and Recovery Strategy?

Whether you call it business continuity or disaster recovery, the outcome is the same: this strategy allows your business to quickly regain access to core data and business systems so you’re able to reduce the disruption in service caused by disaster of any kind. You need to know that your employees will know the steps to take to protect the image, brand and reputation of your organization. The ability to maintain operations even in the event of a disaster positions your business as a highly dependable resource for your customers, and a trusted partner for your vendors. Having business continuity processes in place can significantly reduce the cost of disaster recovery, as you’re not scrambling to hire expensive consultants to supplement the activity of your staff members — instead, you’re leveraging current staff and trusted partners that are already familiar with your business operations.
During the process of creating your data backup and disaster recovery strategy, your western New York IT company can help you identify any inconsistencies or inefficiencies in your processes and make recommendations for improvement. This ongoing focus on process improvement helps your business stay lean and focused on the most important growth metrics that you have defined. Specific testing requirements allow you to provide ongoing feedback on improvement and process optimization.

What Do Western New York IT Companies Include in Their Backup and Recovery Strategies?

Each organization is unique, and your technology professionals will work closely with you to define what is included in your backup and disaster recovery strategies. Some of the common elements that you will see in many of these strategies include:

  • Cohesive overview of system and data connections
  • Steps required to restore functional operations to your business
  • Detailed schedule for backups and testing
  • Backup communication options for your business
  • Identification of any risks to the strategy
  • Assignments for specific individuals in the event of a disaster

It doesn’t make sense to leave your business open to disaster. When you partner with a western New York IT company, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with an organization with a deep pool of knowledge and a wealth of experience creating and executing data backup and disaster recovery solutions.
When you’re looking for expert assistance in creating a data backup and recovery plan for your business, contact the professionals at at 716-206-3200. At Buffalo Computer Help, our commitment is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for our staff and our clients, and part of that is our ongoing education series on YouTube. You can always request a complimentary whitepaper “7 Things You Need to Know About IT & Business Continuity” when you contact us to get the latest research and information about protecting your business in the event of a disaster.


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