Is The Falling Snow Keeping You Out of The Office?

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Buffalo Computer ServiceDid you know that you can work from home easily on snow days?  With and our remote access solutions, snow days are no longer “no work” days.

Buffalo is known for its beautiful, and sometimes extreme, weather conditions. Dangerous amounts of snowfall can keep employees from getting to the office and getting work done – but it doesn’t have to. Today’s evolving technology means that just because you can’t make it to the office, doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. New tools and applications make it possible to access your work and important files anywhere, while still keeping them secure. provides the support you need to get work done securely and regardless of location, so your productivity and wages never waver.
Work From Anywhere 

  • Let employees work from home when they can’t get to the office! Cloud services offer secure remote access solutions so that tasks can be completed from any location.
  • Network administrators can determine which employees have access to what – you put specific restrictions in place so that only those who need certain files or information have access to them.
  • Don’t let a snowstorm or any other disaster shake your businesses productivity – we backup and encrypt all of your company data so it’s always safe and accessible.

Have Top-of-the-Line Security
When employees access files on public or unsecure Wi-Fi networks like Starbucks, you may run into some problems – but there are easy ways to avoid them.

  • Every device being used by employees to access company files needs to be secured. Protecting only PCs won’t cut it – tablets and smartphones need protection too!
  • Educate your employees about unsafe links and websites. They should know to avoid surfing any unsecure or potentially harmful pages on devices used for company work.
  • Exchanging information can be totally secure when using a VPN (virtual private network). Your employees can work freely, any place they like.

Computer Support Buffalo

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