Western New York, Buffalo Companies Look For Business Continuity Solutions

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What’s your company’s Plan B in the case of a disaster?
Catastrophic events, such as floods, fires, or hacked systems, can cripple a business. What’s worked in the past is no longer viable for companies looking to stay operational continuously. That’s why business continuity in Buffalo is an essential component of any smart company’s strategic plan.

What Is Business Continuity?
First, let’s talk about the typical approach companies take. Disaster recovery is a basic approach to dealing with business disruption.
Companies back up their data regularly. When a disaster strikes, their teams go about recovering from the incident. The first task is to restore the affected systems. In the case of some natural disasters, that might be challenging if access to the company’s physical site is compromised. After those systems are operational, the data backup is retrieved, either from a cloud storage site or other solution, such as an onsite backup tape.
The challenge is that your systems will be down until these tasks are complete. Given the size of your internal IT staff, that process could take days or months.
Business continuity solutions operate differently. While the disaster recovery work is going on, business continuity allows for business to continue functioning normally during a disaster with little or no downtime. While IT experts are working in the background to rebuild and restore the IT infrastructure, your business operations continue.
How Do You Define ‘Disaster’?
Disasters come in many forms. In Buffalo and western New York, disasters can include winter storms that dump feet of snow on the area, leaving roads impassable and buildings inaccessible. Floods, fires, earthquakes and other naturally occurring disasters are common disasters that would trigger business continuity plans.
Other disasters are man-made. Ransomware can hijack your systems, forcing you to pay a fee to regain system access. That’s a disaster, too.
How Is My Data Protected With a Business Continuity Plan?
At Buffalo Computer Help, we start with regular backups of not just your data, but your applications and settings. We back up this critical business information in the cloud via bicoastal secure data centers.
We do more than save your files. We do a full image backup that covers the data, applications, operating systems, and users. This step is critical for business continuity.
The other major component of our business continuity solutions is virtualization. If your onsite computers are unavailable, we can create a virtual copy of your systems and data in the cloud. These virtual IT systems can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet.
Why Is Business Continuity Necessary?
Businesses today demand greater uptime and with good reason. Every minute can be monetized. Having the systems, data, websites and other technology for days or weeks at a time can be financially crippling to a business.
Buffalo Computer Help has worked with companies in Buffalo and throughout Western New York to develop business continuity solutions that provide peace of mind and confidence. In the case of a disaster affecting your business, you want to be up and running as quickly as possible. To learn more about our business continuity services, contact us today.


We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business.

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