What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Our IT Services?

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Business owners often ask this question. They want to know if the benefits of outsourcing your IT services are substantial enough to be worth the financial investment. And many are still on the fence about this issue. The main reason companies don’t want to outsource is that they are concerned they will lose control of their IT assets.

The best answer to that concern is simply to do your homework and make sure you’re working with a reputable firm that you can trust. It isn’t wise to turn your IT infrastructure over to some company that you know nothing about. Check out their feedback and reviews. Make sure they’ve been in business for a while.

Will the Managed Service Provider Assess Our Needs?

As you begin a new relationship with a managed service provider, one of the first things they’ll do is assess your IT needs. What types of services will best serve you? What will these services cost?

As to benefits, there are quite a few but this can depend on factors such as:

  • How large is your company?
  • What industry are you in?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • Are you using newer IT equipment or is some of it outdated?

A good way to begin the discussion is by talking about your current IT department. Do you have a small in-house IT team? What types of equipment are they taking care of? What are their daily duties?

Smaller companies tend to hire less experienced IT people because of their limited budget. This may be an eye-opener for some, but an engineer certified to work on AWS earns about $130,000 per year. Most small to medium sized businesses simply can’t afford salaries like that. And yet you may have a substantial amount of money invested in your IT infrastructure. You really need the most experienced IT team members you can afford.

This is one the major benefits of working with a managed service provider. You can take advantage of years of skill, experience and certifications without those hefty salaries.

Are There Other Benefits?

Better Technology: Your managed service provider can help you take advantage of the latest technologies for your business. An outsourced IT provider stays up-to-date on the latest developments in hardware and software. They can recommend programs or equipment that can make life easier for your employees. This can result in better efficiency and productivity.

Better Security: With cyber breaches now affecting companies around the world, it’s important to be prepared on every level. Your employees should be regularly trained about phishing campaigns. Your networks and servers need a layered security approach to avoid breaches. Your entire system should be monitored around the clock for suspicious activity.

Maximum Uptime: With a managed IT company handling everything, your organization will experience less downtime and fewer frustrating delays. When employees sit around waiting on the IT department to fix the network or computers, it costs you money.

Longer Life for Your Technology: When experts are taking care of your IT equipment, it will run better and last longer. It’s just like taking care of your car. If you do regular maintenance on your car, it can last for years. But if you ignore things like changing the oil and replacing worn tires, your car won’t serve you well and it will need to be replaced sooner. You’ll wind up getting a much better return on your technology investment when you have pros doing regular monitoring and maintenance.

What Should You Look For In A Good Managed Service Provider?

A great managed IT service company will continually monitor your system for security, performance and reliability. They’ll provide 24/7 help desk support from technicians who speak English as their first language so you can understand what they’re saying. They will be responsible to make daily data backups and check to make sure they are reliable, quickly recoverable, and stored safely offsite.

They will also help you formulate a strong Business Continuity plan so that if the worst happens, your business can get back up and running ASAP. If you work in a regulated industry, they can also help you comply with industry and government IT regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, and FINRA.

What About Customized Plans?

Today’s managed IT service companies can customize a great plan that addresses all your needs and aligns with your budget. They’ll help you maintain your IT infrastructure with things like vulnerability testing, IT audits, and penetration testing. They can recommend the right software and hardware products.

A managed services provider should become a strategic partner who cares about your success.


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