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Why Outsourcing Is Not A Swear Word When It Comes To Technology!

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Several misconceptions concerning the trend of outsourcing IT have made it difficult for small business owners to decide whether or not it is truly the best option for their company. In reality, outsourcing provides business owners with a variety of beneficial ways to improve their company and more easily navigate their industry.

  • Start Small! A smooth way to transition into outsourcing is by simply taking the first small step. Rather than completely outsourcing your IT from the get-go, many companies find it useful to start with one activity, such as the Help Desk or a migration project.
  • Save Money! One of the most appealing motives for outsourcing in a small business is the reduction and control of operating costs. Companies which maintain their IT in-house may incur 25 – 30% higher costs of internal, dedicated sources.
  • Feel Secure! An experts help in identifying security threats before they grow in quantity and complexity is the best way to insure protection for your company. Global Quest helps reduce the risk of threats through 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and expert consultation.
  • Maintain Control!  Global Quest is upfront about our physical infrastructure as well as the security measures we put in place for your business. We also provide a clear audit of where your information is stored, backed up to and recovered from – we will never leave you in the dark.
  • Compete with The Big Guys! Small business owners can attain a great advantage by implementing newer technologies to help them navigate competitive markets without the crippling costs of hiring and maintaining high-priced talent. Global Quest is constantly training our team with the latest and greatest tech advancements so that small businesses can get access without making an upfront labor investment.

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