Backing Up Your Business Data Both Onsite And Offsite In The Cloud?

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You rely heavily on your technology to keep your business running: Email communications, important files and records, and applications that you use every day to get work done.
You can’t afford to lose access to any of this. But these days, manmade and natural disasters occur with great frequency. If you aren’t backing up your data to a secure cloud-based offsite location, your IT assets may be in jeopardy.
Have you ever heard the saying that disasters always come in 3s?
What kind of disasters are we talking about?
The kind where:

  1. An employee clicks on a malicious link in a phishing email, and your data is held hostage by ransomware. How much would you pay to get it back?
  2. An ice or snowstorm causes the power to go out in your office, and you can’t even get there to see how bad the damage is.
  3. The building that houses your office is destroyed by fire, flood, hurricane, or another catastrophe.

These aren’t far-fetched scenarios. They happen all the time. Hopefully, all three won’t happen to your business, but you never know these days.
Ransomware is on the rise because cybercriminals can extort hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from your business. They can steal and encrypt your data, and hold it hostage for a ransom. Once the encryption is complete, it stops all processes that could reverse it. You’re locked out of your data.
The state of New York, and certainly Buffalo isn’t immune to the forces of Mother Nature. Constant rain, severe winter storms, and other weather events have crippled our region in recent history.  Buffalo had 105.4 inches of snow during the 2017-2018 winter season. The average was 96.1 inches. Storms like this result in lost revenue for businesses when people can’t even make it to the office for days on end.
What happens when you can’t access your business data? 
3 terrible things:

  1. You can’t serve your customers,
  2. You miss important deadlines, and
  3. Your competitors steal away your business … Now, that would be a disaster!

Unless you use a reliable and recoverable onsite and enterprise-grade offsite cloud backup solution, along with virtualization services, you’re jeopardizing your data and your business.
With today’s secure cloud services there’s no reason to take a chance.  Your business depends on reliable backups that are focused on speedy recovery.  You’ve got to back up everything that’s important and make sure it’s easy to recover when that critical moment arrives.
This means using all 3 of the following solutions:

  1. Image-Based Backups that save not only your files, but also your operating system(s), applications, users’ credentials, and settings.
  2. Cloud-Based Backups that are stored in our secure data centers in Boston and Los Angeles, so you never have to worry that anything is lost because office equipment is damaged.
  3. Virtualization Services* so if you can’t use your onsite computers, you can spin up a virtual copy of your systems in the Cloud. This allows you to easily access your IT assets from any computer that’s connected to the Internet.

*Virtualization creates a virtual version of your server, desktop, operating system, files, storage, and/or network. It’s useful in terms of disaster recovery because it essentially makes a virtual copy of everything that can be quickly recovered.
Can you prove that your backups are reliable and recoverable?  
What’s the point in backing up your data unless you know that you can RECOVER it from a disaster?  It’s not enough to assume your backups are working.  If you do, you could be in for an ugly surprise when you try to recover your data.  Not all backups are reliable.
It’s essential that your IT Provider does 3 things for you:

  1. Conducts Backup Monitoring & Testing: This requires remote monitoring and testing of all your backups. If one backup fails, they should immediately resolve any issues and restart the process.
  2. Performs Regular Recovery Dry-Runs: They must regularly do a mock recovery using your backups to ensure they are easily recoverable.
  3. Shows you how to access your backups and recover your data in the event of a real emergency.

You can count on Globalquest to do all 3.
What about onsite backups?
Sure, you can still backup to a secure onsite device. But you also need a “backup” solution in the Cloud.
You need a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution where your digital information is encrypted, and safeguarded onsite, as well as offsite in secure data centers.
You need a backup and recovery solution that does 3 things:

  1. Monitors your onsite backups 24/7.
  2. Monitors your offsite backups 24/7.
  3. Ensures you can quickly and easily recover your data after a disaster.

It’s time to act! Don’t become a victim of these 3 things:

  1. Data deletions due to employee negligence
  2. Hackers, viruses, and malware
  3. Manmade and natural disasters

Keep your data safe and your business running with the right onsite and cloud-based offsite solutions.

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