The Dark Web: The Underground Wild West of the Internet

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Movies have been made about it. Ill-gotten fortunes have been made – and lost on it. And experts warn computer users to avoid it. What is it? It’s the DARK WEB. The dark web is a kind of nefarious “Wild West” of the internet on which activity is hard to see or track. Anonymity is king, and trying to do things without being caught is the name of the game.
Recently, cyber-intrusions of several major retailers by hackers has netted them thousands of stolen credit card numbers and identities. These, along with such dangerous things as weapons of war are bartered with, stolen, and regained on the dark web.
When interviewed by WIVB News 4 Buffalo regarding the dark web, Aaron Fox of {company} said, “The dark web really is used for elicit activity, they want to stay anonymous.”
Aaron Fox is a cyber-security expert who regularly partners with small to mid-size businesses to ensure that their technology is safe from threats emanating from the dark web.
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Fox told the reporter from WIVB News 4 Buffalo that because of the total domination of the dark web by criminal elements, “Anything that is stolen–any kind of stolen property or elicit materials that are being bought and sold–this is a good place for it. So it could be pharmaceuticals, it could be data, it could be all sorts of things.”
This evil Wild West of the internet has few rules, if any, but it does have its own forms of currency. Fox said, “You can buy 100’s of thousands of credit card numbers, for example, at cents on the dollar, and it is done in a volume game, and the buyer then takes that information and uses it to their own benefit.”
Fortunately, law enforcement has long been aware of activity on the dark web and is doing what is necessary to protect the public from the dangers lurking there. Even the portals of entry to the dark web are known to law enforcement, and they have the ability to track who is trying to make use of those avenues to the dark web.
“So I would assume that anybody who is trying to even attempt to (gain entry to the dark web) is probably being tracked someplace by some sort of law enforcement, at this point”, said Fox.
Cyber-security expert Aaron Fox told WIVB News 4 Buffalo that computer users can set up protections against having their personal information sold on the dark web. His instructions to the computing public were:
• Use anti-virus software and keep it updated
• Avoid unfamiliar and untrustworthy websites.
• Don’t click on email attachments until you have verified their contents with the sender.
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