How Does SharePoint Benefit Large Companies?

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How Does SharePoint Benefit Large Companies?

Microsoft SharePoint is an application that allows users to sync and store files in the cloud, easily allowing anyone with approved credentials to access the files using remote access. Enterprises greatly benefit from the application because it enables them to monitor, analyze, and refine daily routine processes using a variety of forms, lists, and workflows. Those experienced with Microsoft SharePoint can leverage its features to build intranet sites where they can then build pages, lists, and document libraries housing pertinent, organized and easily accessible business information.

What Is the True Value of SharePoint to Enterprises?

Companies with a large number of employees have to find efficient and confidential methods of communication and collaboration; this is to ensure the well-being of a business as well as to build trust with clients and customers. It’s also why a large number of enterprises turn to the Microsoft Office 365 platform of applications to carry out their business operations.

The SharePoint application in the Office 365 platform is crucial to an enterprise’s long-term financial and reputational health thanks to several of its features:

  • Centralized storage system
  • Simple document management
  • Multiple intranet site creation and management
  • Easy exchange of information
  • Safe and secure exchange of data
  • Customizable control options
  • Web-browser accessible
  • Supports various document formats
  • Efficient way to monitor progress
  • Single point of access to all crucial company data

Take a second and imagine a day when your enterprise or corporation has to host a large event or meet the deadlines of a truly delicate and pertinent project. To consider the project or event successful, you will need multiple teams set up that have very specific roles and responsibilities. These teams may or may not, but most likely will need efficient and clear channels of communication between one another to ensure the best results. The tighter the collaboration, the better, in most cases. Now, can you imagine being able to automate these clear channels of communication and having the tools in place to monitor and analyze project progress throughout and after its full completion? That’s exactly what enterprises can do with SharePoint.

Top Reasons Enterprises Use SharePoint

Now, let’s take a quick look at the top six reasons enterprises in various industries choose SharePoint:

  1. You can create multiple intranet sites that are customized specifically to improve employees’ daily activities while meeting their precise operational needs.
  2. You can establish a healthy work culture by making it simpler for yourself and employees to balance their social and personal lives with the corporate portal (a portal that’s a knowledge base of data to support the needs of all workers’ professional growth).
  3. You can use structured document creation, storage and collaboration features to work on projects in real time.
  4. You can use blogs, chats, comments, forums, and discussion boards to share ideas and receive fast feedback.
  5. You can measure employee performance using the generation of automated reports.
  6. You can reduce overhead and unexpected server and real estate expenses.

How Large Companies Benefit From SharePoint

Here’s a look at more advantages of SharePoint and how large companies benefit from the application.

Integrate With Existing Apps

One of the top reasons enterprises turn to SharePoint is because it easily integrates with their existing apps and back-office systems, including the MS Exchange Server, an array of CRMs, the Microsoft Office Suite, and more. It’s also worth noting that when leveraging SharePoint Online, its compatibility extends beyond the Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. In fact, it’s compatible with all modern web browsers.

Use Versatility to Improve Functionality

The SharePoint app gives you the ability to wear various hats for different roles within an enterprise. There’s no need to go out and hire a team of web developers to make your current site better or to create vast databases of management systems. With SharePoint, you can use its features to do all of this while still maintaining full control. This is the ultimate way to use the app’s versatility to improve an enterprise’s functionality. It essentially allows you to use centralized accessibility and administration technology to achieve enhanced monitoring and control measures across all operations.

Keep Content Management Simple

When it comes to running an intranet of sites, you’re going to deal with a lot of content. Whether this content is being stored online and published regularly or you’re simply storing it for potential future use, the key to improving enterprise operations is to keep it organized, secure, and easily accessible. With SharePoint, enterprises can create content publishing schedules as well as perform the tasks to ensure the content is published and optimized for audience engagement.

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