Switching IT Companies In Buffalo

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When is it Time to Switch IT Companies?

Have you ever worked with an IT company and found they weren’t right for you? The term “IT Consultant” doesn’t always equate to working with someone who understands your technology challenges on an intrinsic level. Often, you’ll find that IT partners specialize in cybersecurity, network administration or IT help desk support — but don’t have the business savvy to develop a holistic and strategic approach to your IT infrastructure.
When problems continue to arise, it might be time to make a switch to a new IT services provider.

Maintaining a Secure, Reliable and Affordable IT Infrastructure

Your staff and your customers rely on you to provide business applications that work — every time. That doesn’t happen if you’re continually frustrated by slow internet connections, malware that disrupts access to key business systems or if your business users are plagued by poor response times from your overworked internal IT team.
IT service providers deliver a range of IT services aimed at small to mid-size businesses. Services may include:

  • Implementing IT projects
  • Help desk support
  • Cloud storage and deployment services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Backup, business continuity and disaster recovery

Many businesses are seeing the value of working with a virtual CIO — someone with a vast background of experience in both technology and your line of business who is able to leverage their knowledge to provide trusted, strategic recommendations for companies that cannot afford a team of in-house IT experts.

How to Choose the Right IT Services Provider?

There’s a fundamental difference between an IT consultant and an IT services provider.  IT consultants are often hired to provide strategic oversight and guidance including the type of technology and functionality suitable to help meet your business goals. Their engagements are normally of a pre-determined length with set goals and responsibilities for success.
An IT services company generally offers a range of solutions depending on their in-house expertise and their allegiance to particular software companies. IT services providers are, by definition, a longer-term partnership between two organizations.
Choosing the right IT service provider starts with questions — often asked by your potential technology partner. You want a provider who goes beyond just your technology needs, asking questions about how your business operates, your budget, current technology solutions and your internal staffing models and any other vendor partnerships.
IT service providers come in all shapes and sizes. One who works with an international or Fortune 500 company is probably not suited to meet the needs (or budget!) of a small business. Evaluate the size of the company to ensure it matches the size and needs of your business. It’s always important to ask for references to ensure other companies have successfully engaged their services and — perhaps most importantly — assess your prospective partner’s response times.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Buffalo Computer Help

From remote desktop support to our unique drop-off program, we are continually looking for ways to improve your experience with the Buffalo Computer Help team. Here are just a few of the ways we add value to our clients:

  1. Save internal hosting fees — we provide our own infrastructure and data centers
  2. Reduce labor costs by not having to employ multiple technicians to cover all your IT needs
  3. Minimize data security risk with access to our robust security solutions to protect your sensitive customer data and intellectual property
  4. Increase productivity with a preventive approach to patches and upgrades
  5. Ensure business continuity as backups are never forgotten
  6. Quick implementation of new technology, training, support and licensing.
  7. Ongoing compliance with all applicable government regulations

Buffalo Computer Help is the premier IT service provider in Western New York where honesty, integrity and innovation are the foundation of our business. Contact us at 716-601-3524 for a free consultation, where we will listen closely to determine how our expertise can provide value to your organization.

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