End of Life for Windows 7: What You Should Know

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Microsoft just announced that they will stop providing support for Windows 7, one of their most popular operating systems of all time. This has caused a bit of anxiety for all the die-hard Windows 7 users who swore they would never switch. Without regular updates, this software will quickly be overtaken by hackers seeking to take advantage of people who don’t know how updates and patches work to prevent security breaches.

Read on to find out what you need to know in moving forward.
A History Of Windows 7
Windows 7 was released in 2009 to replace the failing Windows Vista. This was a time when many Microsoft users were discouraged by the poor performance of the Vista operating system. People were looking other places and considering other options. Then developers released Windows 7. It was an instant hit with users.
Windows 7 was everything that Vista had failed miserably trying to be. It was praised for its intuitive interface and increased performance. Most users loved the new taskbar and start menu. It offered many other improvements.
Over 100 million copies of Windows 7 were sold just in the first 6 months. Within a few years, more than 630 million copies had been sold. It quickly became the most popular Windows operating system of all time and remained in that position for five more years.
Even when Microsoft released newer operating systems, Windows 7 fans would not switch. That’s why it comes at such a shock that the software will soon reach its end of life. Beginning in January of 2020, Microsoft has announced that they will no longer support this software with patches and updates.
Users should begin now looking for a good replacement. Below, is the full outline of the Windows 7 lifespan.
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What Will Happen At Windows 7 Sunset?
Starting on January 14, 2020, all support for Windows 7 will cease. This means no more security updates or patches. At this time, the operating system will be vulnerable to hackers. The usability of Windows 7 will gradually degrade.
Internet Explorer and Windows 7
According to Microsoft, support for Internet Explorer on a device with Windows 7 will also be discontinued as of January 14, 2020. Internet Explorer follows the same support lifecycle as the Windows 7 operating system. See Lifecycle FAQ – Internet Explorer for more information.
How Will This Effect Windows 7 Enterprise?
These same rules and deadlines will also affect Windows 7 Enterprise. If your company has been using this software, then it’s time now to start looking for a replacement. Check with your IT department or see Windows 10 deployment support to learn more.
The Meaning of Loss Of Usability

  • New devices may not connect.
  • Features may become incompatible.
  • Utilities may become unsupported.
  • Applications may no longer receive updates.

When Should You Upgrade To A New Operating System?
Windows 10 has been fine-tuned to provide all the excellent features that people loved about Windows 7. It’s a good choice that offers numerous advantages. For instance, many of today’s largest organizations use Office 365 along with Windows 10. These two programs will give your business all the functionalities you need to get your work done each day.
How To Upgrade Your Operating System
Begin preparing for your new software environment by performing a series of inventories. Go to the start menu, then to the programs folder and make a note of all the applications and utilities you have.
Categorize them into 3 groups:
1. Required
2. Optional
3. Unwanted
Once you install a new operating system, you’ll most likely need to update your software programs. In some cases, there may be extra charges to do this.
Are Your Computers Over Three Years Old?
Check to make sure your hardware and software is compatible. In some cases, it’s easier to purchase new computers with Windows 10 already installed. Then you can reinstall all your other software programs. Professionals recommend buying new computers if your old ones are over three years old. This will prevent all the incompatibility issues that some companies experience when updating hardware and software.
Today’s PCs are faster, lighter, and more powerful, plus they provide better security.
Prices have gone down on some of the most popular machines. This Guide from Microsoft can help you choose the right PCs for your company in just a few easy steps.
If you need more information about Windows 10, please visit:
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